The Genesis of INO

The Genesis of INO

Introduction by Kapilnath.
The two pieces below, first published in Values magazine during the 1970’s, reveal the earliest indication of Shri Mahendranath’s work to form a new “Pagan” Order in the West. The first piece was written as a letter to the editor of Values, in which the formation of a Pagan International is proposed. The second piece is an Announcement of a new Tantrik Order based on Shri Mahendranath’s initiation and Guru status regarding the Uttarakaula Tantrik Sampradaya.

While the knowledge and initiations related to Shri Mahendranath’s initiations and experience as Guru were passed on; the form of his new Order eventually came to be known as the International Nath Order.

The idea of a broad and cooperative collective of Pagans seemed to die a premature death when only a few could agree on a common purpose or even naming convention for the new Order. Perhaps a deeper consideration of the values and purpose suggested below can promote new THINK for the future. Please note that the mailing addresses provided below are thirty years old and no longer valid.


Letter: A Pagan International

Dear Editor,

It is now fifty years since I received my first initiation into the Pagan world and throughout this period I have longed to see the Pagan way of life re-established in Europe again. Now it is evident that Paganism is returning to the European races and the puritan oppressive pattern of Christianity is crumbling while a new Pagan awakening has begun.

The indication of this revival has also seen the rise of too many small and separate groups as well as some sectarianism and verbal abuse of others as phony. This need not be. Paganism has no fixed pattern and it must always express itself in different ways among different sections of mankind. Only its higher spiritual goal will be universal, but the external forms, worship, rites, initiations and expressions may differ considerably.

Then it may not be inappropriate to suggest the formation of a PAGAN INTERNATIONAL to weld together and unite in harmony all Pagan groups who wish to advance and spread the Pagan way of life. Pagan International must be open not only to all groups and Pagan societies, but also enroll individuals members and encourage the formation of new groups. The only qualification should be a sincere desire or declaration to live a Pagan way of life.

This, in Europe and America, may prove to be the only real living alternative to the decadent Church and provide a fuller and more expansive life which people need.

It is, for many reasons, most desirable that the movement should start in the West, for it is the Western world which needs living Paganism the most. It should be even more desirable if the first start and basic H.Q. could be in London.

Who will engage themselves in this task and devote some time and energy to open the gates of harmony and happiness to the way of life which could reunite the world?

Mahendra the Natha c/o Values


The New Age of Tantra

Although Tantra could be the oldest and most original way of life the world has ever known, it began to decline in the difficult opening centuries of the Kali Yuga. The present period now represents an important stage of the Kali Yuga and Tantras and Puranas have clearly taught the signs by which mankind can see that the Age of Darkness has become strong. In spite of its discouraging name the strong period of the Age of Darkness is not to be an evil one for mankind. It is a period covering several centuries in which there will be greater equality between men and woman as well as social changes which will be to the advantage of mankind. In the Tantras, the Lord Shiva tells Mahadevi that in this period the whole of Tantra including the secret teachings and secret rites can be made public, for a greater and better spiritual life.

The Tantrika Mahatma Mahendranath the Avadhoot initiate of the Uttarakaula Tantrik Sampradaya is believed by many to be the last living Uttarakaula Guru in India, holding an initiation transmission which goes back thousands of years in an unbroken line.

The promulgation and open dissemination also requires a ground of sincerely interested people in which the seeds of wisdom can be sown. For this reason interested people should contact the Tantrika Guru at his Hermitage, “The Magick Garden,” Akadami Road, Mehmadabad P.O. (Gujarat) India. or c/o A.I. Master, 89 Tapovan Society, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad, (Gujarat) India.

Great efforts will be made to open up and encourage the Cult of Tantriks in Western Lands where it might yet prove to be the free and ideal way of life to give Enjoyment and Liberation and replace the outworn, restrictive moralities which people can no longer endure.

The subject of Tantra is the Supreme Reality and worship is based on its manifestation as Shiva and Shakti. In Northern Tantrika the accent of worship is on the Mother Goddess Kali.

Materials covering the whole field of Tantra are being prepared with a suitable introduction and developed on all levels to explain the secret teachings, many puja rites for individual and group worship as well as the erotic aspects of that enjoyment which Leads to Liberation (Bhuktimuktikaranika).

Love and Blessings to you all,
Shri Mahendranath

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