Uttara Kaula

Uttara Kaula

The Indian Sect known as Uttara Kaula may be translated into English as Northern Family or Clan. The Kaulas were identified as Shaktas and associated with the worship of the Mother Goddess. The principle indicator of the Uttara Kaula were their values of cosmic in-being and togetherness and the of equality of the male and female sexes. These values were expressed in worship by the human family of initiates and promoted by the reciprocation of the Shakti represented by the Mother Goddess Kali and a host of Divine Others.

The interaction, worship and relationship between the family members of Uttara Kaula and the etheric reality of Shakti was best described as a “way of life.” In this manner, the values of sustained relationship and worship were expressed in the most human, fluid and personal of forms.

The idea of Kaula or family presupposed an intimate relationship between the members themselves and this included the Mother Goddess Kali who was evoked and communed with on etheric and vibrational levels. This type of subtle communion resounded as a key value in the fabric of the Kaula way of life.

The Uttara Kaula were renown for their practice of ecstatic ritual. These rites included the erotic couplings of He and She elements leading to the sacred offering of sexual orgasm. Kaula rites are in no way exclusively erotic in nature or practice. Worship includes the entire spectrum of human expression.

In Kaula teachings there is no distinction made between the so called “right handed” or “left handed” modes of worship. In the Kaula view, spiritual observances are recognized as a vehicle and only engaged in due to their efficacy, virtue and successful effect.

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath was initiated into the Uttara Kaula by the Tantric Guru, Shri Pagala Baba of Ranchi, India. By the rules of Parampara, Shri Mahendranath became the successor and Guru in Uttara Kaula when Shri Pagala Baba left the body.

It was the intention and will of Shri Mahendranath that the transmission, mantras and lore of Uttara Kaula be resubsumed into the greater Nath Stream. For a historical parallel we would have to go back some 700-900 years to the time of the great Nath and historical figure Matsyendranath. In his ancient day Shri Matsyendranath broadly extended the Nath Kula Kaula wisdom and in some places is credited for being its founder or genitor. It was Shri Gurudev Mahendranath who recreated this same confluence between the Nath and Kaula lines in the form of the International Nath Order.

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