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Principle Value of the INO

Principle Value of the INO

It is attainment we want and not just a whirl of new activity,
It is attainment we want and not just titles, accolades and anathemas,
It is attainment we want and not diplomas, charters and death certificates.

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath – from a letter to Sri Kapilnath 1989

Gems from Mahendranath

Gems from Mahendranath

From The Scroll called Synergetikos by Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

gem from mahendranath

“If I were to make a redistillation of all that I have written, I would have to bubble in an alchemical alembic and produce this distillate. This is only that I have asked the INO and their associates to pause, meditate and take a new look at established customs, cultures, traditions, prevailing social cliches and the eternal and evil brainwashing that goes on from the cradle to the grave. All these serve to block and impede our expansion and attainment.”  Shri Gurudev Mahendranath


The Guru

The Guru

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Guru

by Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

In the darkness of life a brilliant ray;
The most precious thing in the world today;
Above ambition and struggle for fame;
Aloof from the world of form and name;
Beyond the hunger of want and desire;
The Guru sits calm by his sacred fire.

Disciples at the teacher’s feet did learn,
Until they all were Gurus in their turn;
From Gurus of a past beyond all time,
There came the truth in one unbroken line;
So Gurus that have been but now are gone,
Have known the Science of God and passed it on.

Reformers dream their dreams, so very nice,
To turn the world into a paradise;
The Guru knows that though the world is old,
Man has no power to recast or remold;
And though long centuries do pass away,
Men never learn and dream new dreams today.

He knows the mass will never give him ear,
Prefer their life, its hazards and its fear;
To dream that sometime they will have the price,
To turn the world into a paradise.
The Guru sees the world of name and form,
A sorry mess in which men are reborn.

He does not seek to wander far and wide,
Or ever crave for someone at his side;
For he who knows the Absolute, the One,
Knows there is little more which need be done,
But use some particle of time each day,
To guide a soul and help it on its way.

But who can prophesy or warning give
When fast mad world will never give it ear?
How nature bleeds, her work is all undone
And nothing knows of harmony the more.
Is he not lucky, who while there was time,
By yoga traveled to the other shore?

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Practical Guru Guidance

Practical Guru Guidance

On the topic of Gems from the Scrolls of Mahendranath, I was inspired to offer the following excerpt and a brief comment.

Guru guidance can only take two forms –
First to clear the mind of its delusions,
Thus to overcome past conditioning
And second, to teach the practical steps.
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath , The Ashes of the Book

There are two forms of delusion. One type of delusion is the relative form related to the inaccurate apprehension of People, Things and Ideas. This aspect of delusion can give rise to all manner of misunderstandings regarding the true nature of all things and their relative meaning. It is also responsible in large part for possible errors in the development of sane and well-grounded personal values. Finely honed personal values are important to help us successfully negotiate the trials of a lifespan and support our ongoing spiritual development.

The development of fine-grained personal values is not spontaneous and requires that the THINK process be engaged and based on solid fact and clear understanding. These values and attendant concepts must be tested throughout the course of our entire lifespan. If experience and test suggest that our values and understanding need to be re-calibrated, it is important to take action and do so. This aspect of personal and higher mind development is important until our final breath.

The other type of delusion is the absolute form which separates the Macrocosm from the Microcosm and gives rise to the notion and experience of duality and separateness. This form of absolute delusion is the field which the processes of Yoga and Tantrika were intended to overcome, leading to our Awakening.

Neither form of delusion is desirable in life or on the spiritual path. Both are defects in our path to the Cosmic Awakening. Most of the practical steps and practice are intended to overcome these defects and two forms of delusion.

Practical Guru guidance is intended to help people see and overcome these obstacles. The processes to overcome delusions must be engaged by the student, chela or disciple. If not engaged, little will be achieved. Guru guidance is not intended as a form of entertainment or merely social involvement. It is only for the sincere and its engagement is a process which begins when one begins and lasts until the final breath. No one will try and convince you. You must engage the appropriate processes and refine the relative values until you succeed. This is the nature of the Nath Path in a nutshell.


Maha Shiva Ratri

Maha Shiva Ratri

Adesh! Adesh!

Tonight marks the celebration of Maha Shiva Ratri, the Great Night of Shiva. Here are a few words from Sri Kapilnath for the occasion:

The very utterance of the name is enough to propel the sensitive into the ecstasy of a Divine Dimension. How then can we approach the Great Night of Shiva, except with a deep sense of spiritual awe and wonder? The auspicious occasion has long been celebrated by those devoted to the great Adi Nath or Primal Lord, Shiva, and others who delight in the mysterious and fantastic. Many Naths and Devis of our own Order observe the occasion in various ways…

For more background on this festival, please see our own Shri Gurudev Mahendranath’s essay on the topic,

Mahashivaratri: The Story of an Eternal Festival

Guru Om,




This piece was an early writing extolling and giving certain ideas related to sexual Tantra. While the “Free Love” period of the 60′s had already peaked, the Sinistroversus rolled out a bit later to give clues as to just how the entire aspect of sexuality could be used, included and made a dynamic part of ones spiritual approach.

A few notes on points of interest and minor clarifications:

The entire conception of Tantrika insists that the Divine is everywhere and in all places. This includes all human beings. The process of worship with a human being as the Divine Artifact or Godform is a very Tantrik approach. While this approach still has a vogue today in the form of Guru Worship – the Guru as the Divine Artifact, it is less common that worship is conducted where Joe or Jane Doe is intentionally regarded and worshiped as God Incarnate. Such an approach stretches beyond what most people are able to call “Divine.” This is the whole point. It remains something of an amusement, that while many people have no problem bowing down to a statue or two dimensional picture, worship of another human being often presents challenges. We may have to adjust our vision. Divine Consciousness can go a long way in facilitating this view.

The Tantriks took this concept of the Human Divine interface to the next level. The dynamic sexual organs were also “Divinised” and worshiped. Dynamic and nothing was excluded. The most blaring symbols of this form of worship still exist as the Yoni and Lingam. Everytime one bows to a “shivalingam,” it is actually the pubes of Shiva and Shakti which are getting the attention. A delightful idea.

One technical note is that the intention behind the Tantrik rites are of great importance. Surely there must be some “observation” in the elevation of sex to the level of a sacred spiritual rite or observance. It is a part of how we feel about it and approach things. Yoga was as much present in the Tantrik Zonules as it was anywhere. The higher aspects of Tantrik Yoga can be revealed by orgasmic mind explosions, but the context must not be ignored. The esoteric injunction here, written by a male holds true for both sexes, though Shakti may change to Shiva. “The Yogi unites with his Shakti before he unites with his Shakti.” Thus, the subtle and interior set the stage for the physical, which sets the stage for the explosion to the next level.

Of interest is the presentation of the Goddess Bhujungi, another name of the Sacred Energy Goddess much related to the Kundalini.

While the Sinistroversus states, “there is no initiation without orgasm,” I will repeat that the proper initiation into the INO has yet to catalyze orgasm in any aspirant. Could there be a delayed reaction?

You can find the Sinistroversus of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath here:

The Sinistroversus



Shri Mahendranath on Religion

Shri Mahendranath on Religion

To make this document of value to a wider section of readers, it might be necessary to state and repeat things that are taken for granted in a brief survey of Adi-Nath tradition. One of these is the popular delusion, but more often a deliberate lie, that all religions are one and the same and all teach the same goal. If such were really so, it would be pointless for different religions to exist as separate religions if they all taught the same thing. In practice, nowhere in the world would we find people willing to be Christian one week, Muslims the next, Buddhists the next, and so on. All too often the sop of imagined unity and sameness is preached by the holy pickpockets and pious cut-purses. Religions may fall into many classifications, but unity is not one of them.

Most religions are established forms of brainwashing, and none are without their organizational systems to rob the rich and take from the poor. They tell you what you must believe and make you pay to maintain it. There has never been a poor religion in history, or any which folded up for lack of funds. Because a religion reaches the status of being a world religion, it does not imply that it has done so because its teachings are true, but rather that there are more idiots in the world than was at first anticipated. Some religions have spread on the cut-throat method: “join us or else…”

Islam uses this pious technique, and history records how it spread and conquered the other religions wherever it invaded. Only one place in the world is a unique exception. India never became a Muslim nation, although it lived for years under Muslim oppression. Some religions, such as the Black Dharmas—Hebrew, Christian, and Islam—have lived and flourished in the atmosphere of blood and violence. They claim their teaching will take a man to heaven, so killing people might have been only to help them on their way. These Black Dharmas all assign an inferior place to women. They rely on the sacred word of scriptures from which none may deviate. Where they rule have always been the most miserable and impoverished places of the world.

Within the religions themselves are differences which cannot be reconciled with other religions, and even in the same religion, there are many conflicting different sects. None of them claim their God is the same as the God of others, and they differ much in their concepts of heaven and in numerous other aspects. All assert that unless you belong or worship or believe in just their own particular pattern, then salvation is impossible. For any individual to change from one of these religions to another has the same relative value as a jackal trying to change into a fox.

—Shri Gurudev Mahendranath, The Yoga Vidya of Immortality