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Gems from Mahendranath

Gems from Mahendranath

“What has taken hundreds of thousands of lives to develop might still be very difficult to mature in only the one present span. This means that all spiritual life is a matter of investment in those values and yogas which will one day come to maturity. The punishment for neglect is not the wrath of God but countless lives of misery, pain and frustration. The reward for the diligent is to escape entirely from these things and attain the only true bliss of the Supreme Reality.”
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath


Gems from Mahendranath

Gems from Mahendranath

“The Adinathas did not regard samadhi contemplation as the final stage but demonstrated that samadhi could lead to the perfect assimilation; undifferentiated oneness in which the yogi sees himself as the world and the world as being in himself. It is the real stage of unity and equipoise, microcosm becomes one with macrocosm: it is true Moksha”.

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

Shri Pagala Baba’s Ashram

Shri Pagala Baba’s Ashram

From Sri Kapilnath’s trip to India: One of my guru’s gurus was named Shri Pagala Baba. He lived in Ranchi, India and established an ashram which is alive with his blessings to this very day. I was finally able to visit and have darshan there. What a blessing and inspiration. I will write more about this remarkable Baba and his ashram in the future. For now, I want to share a few pictures I took during my stay at the ashram.

Mehmadabad, India

Mehmadabad, India

Sri Kapilnath took a trip to India last month. Here are some photos at the cremation ground with Gurudev Mahendranath and friends. Mehmadabad, India

Trishula Vidya Stotra

Trishula Vidya Stotra

Trishula Vidya Stotra

Salutations and Obeisance to The Cosmic Spirit
and to the immortal line of Shiva’s Naths!
Grant me the grace to align and unite with
this sacred emblem of the Naths!

Embodiment of the Nath Sampradaya,
Staff of Attainment,
A herald, a standard held high,
Magick wand of transmutation,
Lightning rod that receives,
Lightning rod that projects,
Active or passive, masculine or feminine,
Embodiment of Mysticism, Magick, and Mind.

A key that unlocks,
Center of the zonule’s Inner Sanctum,
Holy of Holies,
Divining rod,
Bindu flanked by Bhairava’s flames,
Intersection of infinite cosmic threads,
Guiding beacon of the third eye.

Expression of the mystical number,
Three prongs multiplying 3 x 3 x 3:

Insight, Intuition, Imagination
Sattva, Rajas, Tamas
Ida, Sushumna, Pingala

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
Saraswati, Lakshmi, Kali
Past, present, future

Three strokes of ashes
The three eyes
Iccha, Jnana, Kriya

Consort of the spinal snake,
I embrace you
And place you
In my Central Channel.
I empower you to empower me
and to assist in my Work
to unite with Divine Consciousness.

INO Dhuni Retreat 2017

INO Dhuni Retreat 2017

Adesh Adesh,

Warm Solstice blessings to you all.

This is an invitation to the 2nd annual Nath Dhuni Retreat to be held in Northern Washington, and will take place  Wednesday August 30 – Friday September 1.  You are encouraged to arrive onTuesday August 29 to settle into camp.

Breakfast and dinner will be provided, lunch is BYO.  Dinner on the 29th and Breakfast on Sept 2nd are also included.  Accommodations are camping on the land.

This year we are pleased to offer a few workshops for your edification, in addition to the Dhuni Rituals and Principles of Nath Practice.  For two 90 minute sessions each day, you are invited to focus on practical, ancestral skills passed down primarily from North American indigenous peoples as well as Ayurvedic, Yogic and Eastern Martial traditions.

These workshops weave in well with the natural philosophies of the Nath Kula Kaula and the arcane origins of its lineage.  Whether in community or as solitary practitioners, the Tantrikas of ages past and in the present, had to become self reliant to a degree.

Their rituals often needed privacy, sometimes sequestering themselves in locales on the fringes of a society who easily misunderstand pagan spiritual practices and the Wyrdglow Aura they create.  These skills will not only give you renewed appreciation for your connection with nature and the elements; both within your organism and without – but new tools with which to explore yourself, your surroundings and bring awareness to the interconnectedness of all things.

My hope is that throughout the course of the Retreat, you will allow yourself to be in contact with the ancient lineage of Nath Kula Kaula and our collective ancestry; as the present, past and future occur simultaneously.  Since manifesting the divine in local space is our goal, each particular skill should be a visible form of worship toward the elemental to which it corresponds, as well as the Grand Tapestry itself.

As always, there will be no charge to participate in ritual & ceremony and no fees for spiritual teachings whatsoever.

In order to provide food and camp supplies for the Kula (tribe), a donation of $75-$100 is much appreciated.  If you would like to attend the day workshops (which I highly recommend) an additional donation of $150 is much appreciated. If you would like to attend but need to discuss finances, please contact me privately.

Workshops will take place during daylight hours, August 30-Sept 1 and will cover the following:

•Awareness in the Temples of Creation

•Ayurvedic Perspectives

•Forest Yoga

•Natural Shelter

•Water is Life

•Fire by Friction

•Plant People – Allies on the landscape

Volunteers to cook communal meals (breakfast and dinner) are also very much appreciated.  There will be a sign up sheet in camp for this and other duties.  Thank you in advance for your attentiveness to these things. It will help camp run smoothly and give you all opportunity to serve one another.

Please RSVP to reserve your place, as space is limited.  Directions and a packing list will be sent out in response to your RSVP.  Depending on turnout, there may be a need to alternate attendance at the Dhuni rituals – we shall see and arrange accordingly.

If you are not able to attend the Retreat in its entirety, please feel free to come to whatever portion you are able. Your donation to camp costs and workshops can reflect this.

If you would like to bring someone close to you who did not receive an invitation directly, please have them email a request and mention how they heard about this event.

Those of you who may be available to give rides to and from Seattle and the Retreat area – please let me know if you could be included on a contact list for those who may be traveling in from out of state..  please include pertinent contact info as well.  i.e. Phone, email etc.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Om Shiva Shakti Shanti,

Vijayanath / Osiris