The term Tantra is used variously both as meaning a written treatise on occult lore or Magick, and also referring to an ancient pagan science of spiritual attainment. Important to Tantra are practices used to catalyze the realization and experience of the connection between the individual Microcosm and the divine Macrocosm.

Tantrik science is not exclusively about sexual practices. Indeed, vital attitudes and guidelines of our path must extend into all aspects of life experience. The Nath Tantrik regards sexuality and its expression as a divine offering or sacrament. The exploration and experimental use of this divine energy can be put into focus by the powers of concentration developed by the Nath Tantrik in meditation. In such a context, Tantrik sexual expression can be a powerful catalyst for the attainment of true spiritual Yoga (union) with the Macrocosm or Cosmic Spirit.

In the large sense, Tantra utilizes any technique that awakens the flow of spiritual energy through the yogi‘s body/mind/spiritual energy centers. It is this experimental, pragmatic, and essentially amoral outlook which has caused confusion and fear in the minds of puritanical and dogmatic religious persons. Tantra may be viewed as a way of life, in which the yogi scientist uses any effective tools at hand to break the illusion of maya.

“Tantra develops in the three aspects of higher thinking—Insight, Intuition, and Imagination. By these, developed in meditation, the mind awakens to understanding and union with the Cosmic Purusha and rebirth on the Earth Dimension is no more.”

~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

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