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Sri Kapilnath

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Sri Kapilnath was born in WA, USA in January 1958 as John Pilskog. He is a disciple of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath from whom he received the Nath initiation name of Kapilnath. This Sanskrit name translates as skull lord or lord of skulls in English. In 1989 he was given the title of Imperator Magus Mundi to lead Shri Gurudev’s Nath order, the International Nath Order. The INO is an international initiatory sampradaya of the ancient Nath tradition .

While an associate professor at the University of Washington in the field of music, Mr. Pilskog was able to use the full academic resources of Suzallo Library to conduct his further research into Tantra and related wisdom traditions. That year of study clearly revealed that he required a living guru of both the Natha and Kaula traditions. In 1984 he came in contact with these traditions through Shri Gurudev Mahendranath and was accepted as his disciple. What followed was seven years of mentorship until the passing of Gurudev in 1991. Mr. Pilskog is a classically trained western musician who was initiated and became Sri Kapilnath of the International Nath Order.

Sri Kapilnath currently lives in Costa Rica with his wife Rose Devi on a scenic property in the mountains near the city of Santiago de Puriscal. He is currently meditating and performing practice at Kailash Zonule. When taking time out from the important things, he is often found running with his dog or helping administer this website.

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The Open Door

More essays and articles by Sri Kapilnath can be found at The Open Door – Kapilji’s Skull Chatter categories.

Below is the contact form for Sri Kapilnath. Due to the recent interest in the INO by many people, it is not possible at this time for Sri Kapilnath to correspond with new people or respond to their questions. Please consider joining the INO private group on Facebook and asking your questions there.

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