Writings by Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

Writings by Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Scrolls of Mahendranath
Notes on Pagan India
The Yoga Vidya of Immortality
The Pathless Path to Immortality
The Magick Path of Tantra
Ecstasy, Equipoise, and Eternity
The Magnum Opus of Twilight Yoga
Esoterikos Orgia Mysterion
The Londinium Temple Strain

Levogyrate Tantra
The Tantra of Blowing the Mind
The Prophetikos
The Master Pattern of Nath Order
The Organum of the Magnum Opus
Song of the Dreamtime Snake
Ashes of the Book

The Ultimate Promulgation & Pronunciamento of H.H. Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Poems of Mahendranath
The Alchemy of Meditation
Cosmic Joy
The Cosmic Substance
Dedication into Our Cosmic Wonderland
The Divine Experience
The Dreamtime Oracle
Dust & Bones
The Flight of the Swan
The Guru

Guru, Mantra, and Magick
Hymn to Lord Shiva
Hypertension Hymn
The Kingdom of the Gods
Magick for Mini-Folk
The Magick of the Fire Ball
Ne Plus Ultra
Old Pu-tai
Rite of the Naked Fire
Sadhu Song
Sanatana Dharma Gita
Sawl Sang
The Scroll of Rainbow Glow
Song of the Pagans
The Supreme Swan Song
The Telluric Tablet
The Valedictory of Gurudev Mahendranath
Wood, Whip & Wizard
The Yoga of Unity
Yogi Digambara
The Yolk of Yoga

Other Writings by Mahendranath
Address to the Sacred Stone Nation
The Ainigmatikos
Cairo, Cannons, and Camaraderie
Dadaji Dhuniwala
The Drop-out and India
The Emotive Theorem
The Exegetikos
The Genesis of INO
The Grimoire & Pseudologia of Lux Shambhala
The Hope for an Alternative Society
Legend of the Elusive Kingdom of Shadows
Morbid Menus and Macabre Meals
The Naked Saints of India
The Phantastikos
The Puja of the Three Super Faculties
The Scroll called Synergetikos
The Scroll of Esoteric Nath Wisdom
Snug in Smoky Smashans
The Star Path
The Supreme Reality
Zen’s Zenith of Zest

The Occult World of a Tantrik Guru
1. The Tantrik Tapestry
2. The Tantrik Initiation
3. The Tantrik Goddess
4. The New Tantrik Age
5. Tantrik Yoga

Gems from Mahendranath

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