Panchanan Mitra

Panchanan Mitra

Shri Pagala Baba – Sadhak Panchanan Mitra

My Guru, Shri Mahendranath had an Indian Guru who initiated him into the Hindu Sampradaya known as the Uttara Kaulas. I was very interested in his Guru, as it was communicated to me that he had great influence in the development of my Gurudev. Shri Mahendranath referred to this person as Pagala Baba. Pagala Baba who lived in Ranchi, India.

The name “Pagala Baba,” roughly translated as “mad father,” is akin to calling some sadhu or sannyasin “Joe” in the English language. It could be almost anyone. After some decades of poking around, I was contacted by a relative of the now deceased LT. COL. C. C. Bakshi, a military man who was also a disciple of “Pagala Baba” of Ranchi and who wrote several books. I purchased some of the LT. COL’s books for further research.

In LT. COL. Bakshi’s book entitled, “Album,” he printed a picture of “My Baba, My Guru.” Further reading of LT. COL. Bakshi’s writing revealed that another disciple of “Pagal Baba,” one M. D. Chhugani, had authored a book entitled “Baba of Mukteshwardham.” The photos in these books revealed the same individual and gave the precise location of the Ashram.

With this information, I was able, with the help of friends, to visit the Ashram in the month of “Pagal Baba’s” 50th Mahasamadhi anniversary. I was welcomed to stay in the ashram and allowed to meditate in front of the Samadhis of Pagal Baba and the Mothers. The experiences were highly revealing, but these details and more about the Ashram are for a future post.

As a result of this contact with the Ashram I was able to come in contact with the current Trustees of the Ashram who informed me that: Pagal Baba was born Panchanan Mitra, who was born into a royal family in the Joshor district—norail subdivision—Dhopadhoha village, his father’s name was Kalicharan Mitra. Sadhak Panchanan Mitra who is known as Pagal Baba was most recognized by the name of Dadu, people of all age groups called him “DADU.”

Under direct questioning, I was told by my Guru that he was still in psychic communication with Pagala Baba more than 20 years after Panchanan Mitra’s death (Mahasamadhi). Guruji also commented that Pagala Baba’s spiritual attainments and understanding through sadhana were second to none as he experienced it. High praise indeed.


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  1. Thank you, Kapilji, for your diligence in filling in some of our history. It’s always fascinating and gratifying. Guru Om!

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