Magick and Mystick

Magick and Mystick

The idea of “magick” runs through most of the traditions associated with the path of mind/spirit development. This includes Tantrika and the vertical yogic paths which insist that with proper development, an individual spirit may manifest previously latent abilities (siddhi or occult power). As a manifestation of our spiritual development along Nath lines, these siddhis occur in course. They are a natural manifestation of a deeper connection between our individual spirit and the Cosmic Spirit.

The warnings of so many Saints and Sages regarding the siddhis should be considered carefully. This is not to say that siddhis are bad in themselves, it is more due to the fact that most “magick” as people talk about it, relates mostly to the mundane world of People, Things and Ideas.

Due to the nature of the mind and desire nature, there is no end to the possibilities. Once any mundane possibility or objective is reached, there is always a new goal to be reached or improvement to be made. In this way, an otherwise sincere sadhak or aspirant may fall into a new maze and preoccupation with the mundane aspects of life. This preoccupation may lead to a circular path. This is not really the final goal of spiritual development, which is actually based on the Spirit and our Return.

Wisely used, the siddhis can assist us in the spiritual work. The important thing seems to be how we choose to use them once developed. It may be useful in this regard to think about the karmas involved in any action whether by thought, word or deed. This includes any action taken in a normal context of action and of course includes any exercise of siddhi or occult power if so developed.

The mystery of Karma—“free will” and “fate”, whether assisted by magick, siddhi or occult power remains highly mysterious. It is said that even the Gods have a difficult time understanding all the subtle connections and values. If this is true, then it may be correct that mere mortals are well advised to consider carefully the intention behind their actions, mundane or “magickal”.

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