Practical Guru Guidance

Practical Guru Guidance

On the topic of Gems from the Scrolls of Mahendranath, I was inspired to offer the following excerpt and a brief comment.

Guru guidance can only take two forms –
First to clear the mind of its delusions,
Thus to overcome past conditioning
And second, to teach the practical steps.
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath , The Ashes of the Book

There are two forms of delusion. One type of delusion is the relative form related to the inaccurate apprehension of People, Things and Ideas. This aspect of delusion can give rise to all manner of misunderstandings regarding the true nature of all things and their relative meaning. It is also responsible in large part for possible errors in the development of sane and well-grounded personal values. Finely honed personal values are important to help us successfully negotiate the trials of a lifespan and support our ongoing spiritual development.

The development of fine-grained personal values is not spontaneous and requires that the THINK process be engaged and based on solid fact and clear understanding. These values and attendant concepts must be tested throughout the course of our entire lifespan. If experience and test suggest that our values and understanding need to be re-calibrated, it is important to take action and do so. This aspect of personal and higher mind development is important until our final breath.

The other type of delusion is the absolute form which separates the Macrocosm from the Microcosm and gives rise to the notion and experience of duality and separateness. This form of absolute delusion is the field which the processes of Yoga and Tantrika were intended to overcome, leading to our Awakening.

Neither form of delusion is desirable in life or on the spiritual path. Both are defects in our path to the Cosmic Awakening. Most of the practical steps and practice are intended to overcome these defects and two forms of delusion.

Practical Guru guidance is intended to help people see and overcome these obstacles. The processes to overcome delusions must be engaged by the student, chela or disciple. If not engaged, little will be achieved. Guru guidance is not intended as a form of entertainment or merely social involvement. It is only for the sincere and its engagement is a process which begins when one begins and lasts until the final breath. No one will try and convince you. You must engage the appropriate processes and refine the relative values until you succeed. This is the nature of the Nath Path in a nutshell.


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