Bhairava remains an interesting topic. The Lord of Magick. I’m reminded of a few amusing anecdotes. More often than not, Bhairava is seen as a type of gatekeeper. That is, He keeps away those who who cannot or must not enter. It is for this reason he is often seen as displaying very impressive fangs.

We must pass the test if we are to enter into the astral vault with volition; the sacred adytum of the Divine. The source of all Shakti and permission to use it as you Will.

Many Tantrikas are much onto the “terrible” Devas. This is natural as the fast and and easy way. Terrible Devas are more easily pleased and less easily offended by blundering aspirants. Despite their fearsome nature, they remain in many ways more available.

Bhairava will accept almost any offering, even if deemed impure by other Devas. What differentiates the success of the offering is the “intention” of the one offering it.

You asked me about what is the appropriate offering, but I have already responded to this in a previous email. You are the offering.

This is the human sacrifice. You offer yourself, vitality and essence to the Lord of Magick. Your only fear is if you are holding something back. In this case the tiny portion you are clinging to may be ripped away with a laugh. You called, didn’t you?

If this is your state of contention, be afraid. You may be transmuted…

Ha. I’m reminded of the Guru. The most terrifying of all the Cosmic Agencies. Truly, the Guru is not an individual being, it is a Cosmic Agency. The Guru has only two functions. One, to dispense Grace, Two, to destroy delusions.

One is well advised to become fearless and offer All or leave the field; lest you be transmuted. If one Wills to be transmuted, enter the process with the correct intention. Only a limited being has something to lose…


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