This piece was an early writing extolling and giving certain ideas related to sexual Tantra. While the “Free Love” period of the 60′s had already peaked, the Sinistroversus rolled out a bit later to give clues as to just how the entire aspect of sexuality could be used, included and made a dynamic part of ones spiritual approach.

A few notes on points of interest and minor clarifications:

The entire conception of Tantrika insists that the Divine is everywhere and in all places. This includes all human beings. The process of worship with a human being as the Divine Artifact or Godform is a very Tantrik approach. While this approach still has a vogue today in the form of Guru Worship – the Guru as the Divine Artifact, it is less common that worship is conducted where Joe or Jane Doe is intentionally regarded and worshiped as God Incarnate. Such an approach stretches beyond what most people are able to call “Divine.” This is the whole point. It remains something of an amusement, that while many people have no problem bowing down to a statue or two dimensional picture, worship of another human being often presents challenges. We may have to adjust our vision. Divine Consciousness can go a long way in facilitating this view.

The Tantriks took this concept of the Human Divine interface to the next level. The dynamic sexual organs were also “Divinised” and worshiped. Dynamic and nothing was excluded. The most blaring symbols of this form of worship still exist as the Yoni and Lingam. Everytime one bows to a “shivalingam,” it is actually the pubes of Shiva and Shakti which are getting the attention. A delightful idea.

One technical note is that the intention behind the Tantrik rites are of great importance. Surely there must be some “observation” in the elevation of sex to the level of a sacred spiritual rite or observance. It is a part of how we feel about it and approach things. Yoga was as much present in the Tantrik Zonules as it was anywhere. The higher aspects of Tantrik Yoga can be revealed by orgasmic mind explosions, but the context must not be ignored. The esoteric injunction here, written by a male holds true for both sexes, though Shakti may change to Shiva. “The Yogi unites with his Shakti before he unites with his Shakti.” Thus, the subtle and interior set the stage for the physical, which sets the stage for the explosion to the next level.

Of interest is the presentation of the Goddess Bhujungi, another name of the Sacred Energy Goddess much related to the Kundalini.

While the Sinistroversus states, “there is no initiation without orgasm,” I will repeat that the proper initiation into the INO has yet to catalyze orgasm in any aspirant. Could there be a delayed reaction?

You can find the Sinistroversus of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath here:

The Sinistroversus



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