Skull Chatter (Vol. 2 No. 1)

Skull Chatter (Vol. 2 No. 1)

The Open Door continues its tradition of keeping you informed and up to date with our quarterly probe into the Golden Goblet of Nath Order Gossip. The past months have been eventful ones for our Cosmic Community. Maha Shiva Ratri. The very utterance of the name is enough to propel the sensitive into the ecstasy of a Divine Dimension. How then can we approach the Great Night of Shiva, except with a deep sense of spiritual awe and wonder? Falling on March 6th this year, the auspicious occasion has long been celebrated by those devoted to the great Adi Nath or Primal Lord, Shiva, and others who delight in the mysterious and fantastic. Many Naths and Devis of our own Order observe the occasion in various ways, and now a brief report.

The Mantric Magick of Kailash Zonule and its denizens prompted an impressive atmospheric appearance of Rudra Gana – replete with gale force winds, rain, snow, and hail which purified the air and left an amused smile on the lips of the participants.

Lalita Mataji of Weirdglow Zonule (Vancouver, B.C.) had the singular good fortune of spending Shiva Ratri with our own Shri Gurudev Mahendranath in India. Lalita brought us back much news and a blessed bounty of sacred objects for us all to enjoy.

Nimesanath and members of Crystal Zonule conducted a glowing Shiva puja with a score of participants at the Association for Consciousness Exploration’s Winterstar Festival. Speaking of the Crystal Zone, a message:

“The Crystal Zonule warmly invites Naths from all the ten directions to meet in celebration and council at the Association for Consciousness Exploration’s ninth annual Starwood Festival. The Festival will take place at a secluded site in rural Ohio July 20–23. If you would like to receive more details about the Starwood Festival and Crystal Zonule’s participation, drop a note to Crystal Zonule.”

In other news headlines:

An arcane magickal order has formed inside our International Order of Naths and is known as MAGIKOS. More on this as the time warrants.

Hermeticusnath and Sophia Devi inform us that Emerald Circle Zonule has departed Seattle and relocated in Tokyo, Japan.

A rousing Welcome to a new initiate into our expansive circle of Naths, Vajranatha, who was initiated in New York by Shyamanatha and Suparni Devi of Sacred Stone Nation. Shyamanatha recently produced Vol. 6 of Cosmic People Magazine which contains the reprint of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath’s “Snug in Smoky Smashans” and also contains contributions by several other Naths and Devis.

We are also happy to report that our own Gurudev Mahendranath reached the 78 year mark on April 29, and this event was celebrated with much love and gratitude by his disciples in many lands.

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Now an offering pulled from the “THINK” chapter of the Phantom Heritage File,

Zen Lens.

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