The Scroll called Synergetikos

The Scroll called Synergetikos

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Synergetics for Pagans

The Magick Alchemy of working and developing together, blending, and cosmic cooperation of all researchers, teachers, and students of our Pagan, Occult, Nath, and Magick Way of Life by Shri Gurudev Mahendranath (Dadaji).

If I were to make a redistillation of all that I have written, I would have to bubble in an alchemical alembic and produce this distillate. This is only that I have asked the International Nath Order and their associates to pause, meditate, and take a new look at established customs, cultures, traditions, prevailing social cliches; and the eternal and evil brainwashing that goes on from the cradle to the grave. All these serve to block and impede our expansion and attainment.

To do this implies a new way of life and outlook to take the place of old outworn and outdated routines and addictions. At the same time, this new way of life and outlook is to become a way of life on a higher level and on a different dimension. A way of life that is to the advantage of ourselves, and one which we are willing to share with others. We cannot advocate a way of life to others until we ourselves have experienced its benefits. All our thoughts, words, and deeds should take a positive trend towards this outlook and the results gained from it in the future.

The occult world in Western countries has made little real progress or consolidation for nearly two millennia. Backwardness is not a defect with communities who want to live a simple life without conflict or tension, but in a world of occult truths and wisdom, the position has been deplorable. True, in Western countries the interest has experienced a great awakening in the last hundred years and even more in the post World War II period. Is it a coincidence that this increased interest in the occult has also been the period of development in modern science?

Unfortunately, development in the occult and pagan patterns also requires adjustment in one’s thinking. Occult knowledge, awakening, and practice require a spiritual background, which is related to the Cosmic Spirit, the Universe, and a natural and relaxed life style. The spiritual background relates to one’s own awakened realization and attainment, and not to any of the world’s religions or crackpot creeds.

The real knowledge and power we seek is the real Magick of the Nath Siddhas, the Cosmos, and the great Cosmic Soul. It is not written about in religious textbooks or scriptures but is locked away in the mind of every individual, awaiting your efforts to release and expand it. Each one must do what is required and discover for yourselves. It may be also true that you will want to seek more information from more experienced people, but this must be guidance and not rules and dogmas. If you are asked to pay money for this guidance or pay fees for instruction in meditation, you will know that you are dealing with a phony or a con man.

Another ogre of ego rears its ugly head and splits our occult and pagan world. We are not separate and distant people. We can only flourish in communities of people with similar ideas and wishes.

At birth, we know nothing of the world into which we are born. In our childhood, we learn by blow, word, or example. Everything we know is taught to us by other people. From birth to death this brainwashing and conditioning goes on and on by parents, schools, news media, “holy” books, priests, lecturers, radio, TV, politicians, and countless other ways to make us fit in and conform to the established social order, culture, and traditions in the district or country in which we live. All our teachers have themselves been brainwashed, and this becomes their main qualification to brainwash others.

Eventually, when we try to overcome this external brainswill, we are confronted with the paradox of having to think with a brainwashed mind, where free thinking is, at first, difficult. It can only be done if you attain a combination of a relaxed mind and body. Meditation, rituals, and puja will help considerably to attain this relaxed condition. The three super faculties of insight, intuition, and imagination will not only help you to think freely but will also conjure up brilliant alternatives. Thus, you can think and plan your own lifestyle and know the things in which you want to believe.

There is nothing wrong with our pagan-occult world, or with the people seeing civilization and science-explosiveness as a conspiracy to destroy our natural pagan environment and natural way of life. Our only important defect at the moment is that too many egos want to be separate and exclusive and so our pagan world is fragmented into untold small, useless groups. Ego and pride is taking the place of sincere investigation because so many want to be the “top-spot” and fear they will lose their crown if occult and pagan groups unite for growth. Groups can meet together, maintain friendly relations and tolerate the opinions on which groups may differ. Togetherness is essential!

Is it not time, after so many sterile centuries, that giant festivals and concords of all the groups and interested people were held to show the world that we have something to share with others? Is there not an alternative to the dying social order others are trying to salvage? We can do it if we have a sincere belief in ourselves, our way of life and our future. Peace, freedom, and happiness are the only real and legitimate pursuits for mankind. There are fewer secrets in our occult world than most people pretend, but important secrets will forever remain unknown to the masses, while those of high IQ will find them out anyway.

Now the social order is breaking down, we must be ready to give the world a new and better one. No two snowflakes, leaves or crystals of the same substance are identical. So much the same for humans also. In people from all walks of life and lands, no two are exactly identical in body, mind, or intellect. So, our way of life conforms to natural law and cannot have rules or dogmas, or try to squeeze all brains into the same mold. Our pagan way of life is based on nature and a pattern of cosmic togetherness, which can be acceptable to most intelligent humans. Mankind pollutes the world, but only mankind can set the world in order again. The clear indication is that we must unite, for our own and the future welfare of mankind.

~Gurudev Mahendranath
Shambhala Tapovan

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