The Exegetikos

The Exegetikos

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Lodestar and explicate of our way of life.
The Laboratory and working notes as guidelines to Think.
Being the terminal scribe scrawl of Shri Gurudev.

The Nathas have or will find that most dynamic grouping come in fives or threes. Three is the most numerous especially in our basic magick structures.

Exempli Gratia: The eternity of deities, the spirit and cosmic energy expressed as “that which was, is and ever will be.” Subdivisions of time such as “past, present, and future.” The three states of creative mind: insight, intuition, and imagination, which form the ethereal vibration on which magick matures. The three evil delusions of mankind: nationalism, racism, and religion which separate and divide the human race into conflicting segments. The three jewels of human life: peace, freedom, and happiness.

Now we deal with the three keys to magick power as expressed in the Sanskrit words iccha, jnana, kriya. Translated into simple English they mean, power of the will (iccha), wisdom (jnana), decisive action (kriya).

The combination of these three, if correctly developed and united as a single Cosmic Power (Prakash Shakti) or their projection will be the manifestation of true magick power. To react with (another triad) people, things and ideas.

The will—as developed in a magician—has nothing to do with wishful thinking, daydreams or weak wonder. It comes to be in determination, force, and power. In fact, one of the best synonyms of the will as used in magick is found in the French expression, “Tour de Force:” meaning a feat, deed or action done with will, wisdom, strength or skill. This expression also helps to indicate the vital necessity of the three being used in combination and not separately or disunited. Cosmic Power may be dynamic as a single power or thought projection even though the single elements are weak when separated and only lead to frustration.

In their collective development as latent occult powers the instructions already given are still essential and concentration, meditation, and contemplation are still essential for this and other aspects of magick and occult development. This determines whether a latent human occult power will lie dormant or will awaken to power and illumination. Of course, you cannot be successful in meditation development if the obstruction—blocks or five kleshas dominate your living or way of life.

The five kleshas must not be regarded as petty foibles, weaknesses or minor failings or amusing defects which can be considered for a short moment and then dismissed and forgotten. They form the foundation obstruction in Twilight Yoga as in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. They can cause us untold misery and suffering. Ego, which is usually put first not only puts us into conflict with others but can lead to premature death. When one develops and encourages the ego complex of an imagined self-importance it is accompanied with constant pressure to maintain it and tension develops in the nerves and muscles because of our difficulty and failure to project ourselves as the superior image which we want others to see and feel. This constant tension and our failure produces defects which can result in heart failure and many other physical defects. Also, in magick powers, development must be modest and relaxed while in-group work fraternity and harmony brings the best results. If qualities of a leader or master are real everyone will see and we do not have to act or propagate for them to know and recognize it. Hence, an ego can be destructive and not help us to success.

Ignorance builds up when we blindly accept information and neglect to give serious thought to details. Wisdom must be based on facts and clarity. Wisdom, as understood by a Natha need not be wisdom as understood by ordinary people.

Kriya means the manipulation of molecules.

Jnana means wisdom born of thought and patient experimentation and conclusion.

Iccha means the mental thunderbolt which strikes it target.

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