Cosmic Spirit

Cosmic Spirit

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In India, God has the meaning of the Cosmic Spirit (or, in Sanskrit, Purusha) from which the human spirit originally came and to which it must eventually return. As a tradition, Nath Tantriks do not have a paternalistic monotheistic dogma, but rather use the concept of the Cosmic Spirit. Within this broad concept are many variations of qualities or degrees of manifestation which we link to the names of an endless variety of gods and goddesses.

In The Magick Path of Tantra, Shri Gurudev Mahendranath writes:

“To assist lesser minds, this Great Cosmic Spirit was symbolized and made more tangible as Gods and Goddesses, male and female, positive and negative, and aggressive and receptive aspects. In Tantra, the Lord Shiva and his Shakti Parvati dominated. These deities also symbolized the love, tenderness, affection, and enduring partnership which permeated the Tantrik way of life.”

“Tantra lore maintains that only enlightenment, attained by meditation and breath control, culminating in Self-Realization, could end rebirth and bring about reunion of the Spirit with the Supreme Spirit of the Cosmos—the Purusha (Cosmic Spirit).”

“I realized the essential code words to understanding and attainment were based on Insight, Intuition, and Imagination. In the train to Hardwar, I wrote the detail in the form of an invocation and puja to the Cosmic Spirit—the Purusha—which is both time and self. That scroll is called The Puja of the Three Super Faculties, and can be found in The Scrolls of Mahendranath.”

You are free to think of your own word for your personal link to the Cosmic Spirit.

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