Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Anti-Dexter, Vama, Turn-About Way of Life
For the Star People of a New Magickal World

The Location: At the Congress of Cosmic Tribals; at the Temple of the Spiral Path; in homage to Bhujungi, the Serpent Goddess of the Gnosis and the Infinite Abyss; in the land of Mystical Plenitude Plus. In this place was formed the Great Mandala, the Supreme of all Magick Circles and a Concord of Master Gods and their Divine Shaktis, the cream of the Alchemists, Sorcerers and Masters of Miracles, Yogi-Magicians, Harlots and Hermits, Priests of the Porno-grams, the Hunters of Anus, the Sorcerer Priest-Kings and the Whores of Brit, Transvestites arrayed as clockwork butterflies, and Whip masters to drive away the thrall and pawns of the Slave-Gods so that nothing should be heard or known to them. Then the Magician took his place on the Sarsen Stone and spoke to the Assembly:

Said the Magician: People have talked and written much about Tantrika yet still there is much confusion and blindness. This is because they have tried to make patterns of a science which is volatile. They try to press it into molds and speak of rules and customs and even to make a religion of that which is beyond all religions and because it is the fluid essence of a Spiritual Cosmos, it cannot know any fixed rule. It must vary, even as people vary, for what is Cosmic must be as versatile as the wind and have as many changing patterns as the clouds in the sky. The only conformity which Tantrika can know is that the Supreme has seen fit to produce human beings and give them characteristics according to natural law and five senses which can be satisfied in natural ways. To act contrary to this is to produce artificial and frustrated people.

People seek with the eyes when they should seek with the heart. People speculate about things and ignore the real wonders of knowledge made by the sense of touch. It is because of this and because there are so many bewildered artificial people, that I wish to make a summary of the basis upon which our way of life is built.

Tantrika as a way of life is subdivided into two groups. The first of these we call Dakshinachara or Pravritti Marga. This means the normal pattern of religion and conduct for the masses. It has, as its basis, religious and not spiritual life. There are codes and customs to be observed. It is the path of the slaves. Knowledge is not necessary but obedience is essential. Occasionally a few of this path may rise higher for nobody is bound to remain a slave if they have the spirit of a master.

The other division in Tantrika is known as Vama Marga or Nivritti Marga. Vama means left or opposite-turning because Dakshin means normal, sun wise or clockwise. Vama is not a religion but a spiritual esoteric path for those who have the basic qualifications. It is the path of return, left-turning or sinistroversus. Return to what? First it is the path of return to the natural life of natural relationships and therefore differs from the restraint patterns and rules required for the slaves. Slaves must serve and not enjoy; they must worship and not attain. Vama Marga is also known as Bhukti Mukti Karnika—The Path of Enjoyment and Liberation. The path is not for everyone. To escape from the world, the rounds of rebirth and the miseries of life requires a way whereby one tastes the Microcosm in all its aspects. Without this experience, one can hardly have the capacity to reject. This is the way of the Gods and the way of the Masters.

Tantrika does not accept or recognize caste, race or color as being either advantages or impediments to Spiritual Life. No distinction is made for men, women or children once they attain maturity. It encourages partnerships because a man is incomplete without a woman just as a woman is incomplete without a man. Tantrika has no forms of ritual marriage or contracts. Human beings are divided into three grades. Pahsu the lowest, is the slave, animal, beast type. Vira is the aspirant for higher life and usually has a higher intellect. The Divya or divine is the Vama Marga attained spiritual people. In Sanskrit we use the word Svechachara which means “do as you will.” It is the highest state of attainment, those who have become as Gods and Goddesses, for whom there is no rule to be obeyed. When people are free they are free but the moment they conform to another’s will they enter into bondage.

This way of life does not preclude the use of prayer, rite or ritual even for the high attained. There are often moments of difficulty when a Monist becomes a Dualist again and seeks the consolation of prayer. This helps him or her to collect their thoughts together and the better understanding that whatever we are and whatever we have attained, there is always some power higher.

When the mind awakens to the need for higher patterns it means the entry into a new life and a world of new aims and ideas of which we have no conscious experience or knowledge. For this reason the Teacher-Guru figure can be a great help. But this is not to be given new rules or obligations but rather to receive guidance and help from one who has experience of the period through which you are now passing.

Tantrika is undoubtedly one of the supreme paths for mankind but it would never suggest that it is the only path. Paths are as numerous as the stars and more than one can often be successfully combined. We are stars not sheep; we have power and want it to manifest. If we lean to any particular path or pattern it is because we feel and know it will be a practical one for us. We are seeking attainment and not just a new whirl of activity. This is the path where a beast becomes a God, an ordinary man becomes Svechachara.

Then Hagios, the Holy Bard plucked the strings of his lyre and sang:

Do as you Will shall be the Only Law:

Attached to nothing, hates nothing and is
Ashamed of nothing: the Svechachara has
Abandoned the bonds of Family, Caste and
Society to roam free in the world.

The wisest of men and yet behaves insane,
Wanders around like an ownerless Bull:
His Name is written in the Zodiac
And only the Stars know His Secret.
Once He was man, but now an immortal:
Once there was darkness, but now there is dawn:
Contemplate on the truly Miraculous,
From the Womb of a Jackal, a Tiger is Born.

The Magician continues: It is not a question of what you must accept but rather that you should learn to think and create your own Magickal World on the basis of your decisions and that these will lead to correct and proper actions.


Because of the erotic expressions which automatically follow from a natural way of life, I have written this Magickal Scroll with my Penis. No other instrument is fit to express this supreme way of life. All religions in some form or the other have tended to accept the path of erotic left-turning patterns of attainment. This is certainly true of the Pagan world before the Christian-Jew depressions fell on mankind. In some cases the tendency has survived in breakaway secret or antinomian cults. Perhaps Witchcraft may have been one of these, even as Voodoo existed as an erotic cult with Catholicism.

In this our Magickal Way of Life a man or a woman may be a teacher and give initiation. One should take Vama initiation from a teacher of the opposite sex for there can be no proper initiation without ecstasy and no ecstasy without orgasm. The form in which orgasm is attained will be determined by the teacher even if it involves the assistance of an Acolyte or Priestess. We who practice our own will do not inflict it on other or unwilling people. We maintain the law of Karma and this can separate itself into good or bad. All activity generating Karma comes either through Thought-Speech-Or Deed. To make evil Karma a living creature must be involved. Bad Karma is that which causes harm, loss or suffering to innocent living beings. In the final analysis all speech and deeds originate in the mind. Hence the need for mind-training: If a Magician wishes to take strong action against some person, he must consult two other Magicians. Their agreement makes an action justice. Without this a person may be tempted to speedy action through anger. In the “Scroll of the Fireball,” the Weirdshit Wizard is made to say:

“A knowledge of Magick and Spell can be
Of use to a Weirdshit Wizard like me:
I live quite happy, for is it not said,
All who were enemies, now are dead.”

Those who would frustrate happiness and impede the Holy Life of others must be rewarded by the Divine with rebirth and a new opportunity to do better in a new life. For the Blood Sacrifice is the surest way to prosperity.

The pattern for a new and better Aeon requires higher thinking by those who have the capacity for higher thought and obedience from those who cannot think on such a level. Are not most people playing the game of muzzle loaders in an Atomic Missile world? Although science goes ahead and leading away from the slave-Gods of the Bishops and Jews many are still living in their disturbed Garden of Eden and the negative, thou shalt not rule of the backward. They wait passively for the Idiot God to wreak his vengeance. Most fear the knowledge of what is really good and what is really bad and fear that truth and reality will precipitate them into a strange world which they do not understand.

The true attainment of life in the world is for people to be able to live happy, enjoy their companions and the environment and be contented and be in rhythm and harmony with the Cosmos and its natural laws. If these are not attained then life becomes defective.

These defects can only be remedied when people change their thinking and the low moral patterns which only create a psychiatrists paradise. A real magickal way of life is based on a proper understanding of God, the true nature of God and of the purpose of the miracle of creation. We must also know that between God and mankind is a vast, infinite world of spirits and celestials. Creation, because of its very nature is neither easy to speak or write about. Therefore much indulgence is needed for the real concepts must take place in ones own mind.

Tantrika developed in an age when upper-strata oppression was unknown and the world was less artificial than the world we know today. Tantrika is a modern word and probably developed from tantra meaning text or treatise. Most of the scriptures related to these people are not called Tantras. But no great harm Western people have had to adopt terminology to help in the better understanding of a very different way of life. The people used the word Kula or Kaula and this means family, clan or group. When applied to a pattern of ideas and action Kaula means the way of life of a community. It is probably the oldest way of life known in India and most of the religions developed or were influenced by it. All Yoga, World Renouncing (Sannyasa) Mantras, Yantras and most natural medicine came from the Tantrik sources. Because it developed in a matriarchal age most accent is placed on the role of the Goddess but as time passed the God Shiva entered more and more into the life. But both the God and Goddess were seen as being one and as a dual manifestation of the Absolute (Brahman).

Shiva and the Devi (Shakti) were both naked and highly erotic and they were both symbolized in worship by the sexual organs. In Tantrika, sex and sexual enjoyment is given the highest place and became itself a form of worship and offering. They maintained that those who were with God or Goddess shared their enjoyment with the Divine. Then beyond this it was that the real ecstasy experienced in a full and proper orgasm was the nearest experience which a human could obtain to that of the Divine attainment of union with the Deity. Among western Tantriks there has developed a very natural tendency for the males to worship the Goddess and the females to concentrate on the worship of Shiva.

Now we can give deep and repeated thought to the words which constitute the Secret Teachings of Creation according to Tantrika.

The Section Called the Dumb Book


Before the entire Concord of those assembled at the Sinistroversus Congress of Cosmic Tribals and Star People, the Magician arose from the Sarsen Stone walked a few paces and facing the north, raised his arms in adoration and his voice rose in a thunderous chant:


In this manner, the magician made salutations to the Supreme Goddess, bowed to Her lotus feet and poured a libation of Semen into an earthenware pot, for semen is full of magick power when Gods are being summoned. For this reason it is called the Nektar of the Gods, the Ambrosia of the Kaulas, the Cream of Heaven.

Then from the shining moon a strong ray of light descended to the Sarsen Stone and a beautiful Goddess appeared. Her naked loveliness glowed with a radiant inner fire and Her Divine beauty inflamed the Assembly with the Lust of Life and Sacred Erotic Desire. The assembled Masters and Adepts raised their magick Wands, and in many cases, libations of Nektar were poured.

Then the Divine Vision spoke to the Great Concord and Her words dropped like sweet honey from luscious lips which were still wet with the Semen of Her Lord.

Then said the Goddess: “I am the Lady of the Silver Orb and I change cold to hot, lewd to lust and sane to insanity. Within me dwells the madness of the Mages and by my lustrations all is made pure. Therefore, I am called Jyotsna the Goddess of Moonlight. I give you the Dumb Book, the Rubric of the Gods.

Except for those of the slave kingdoms, prohibited by their own baseness and stupidity, the Book shall be read by the Star People and become part of their inner Magickal Wisdom. It is called the Dumb Book because it must be read in silence and only communicated by mind to mind or shown to others for them to read in silence. Thus it becomes preserved in the mind. I come to deliver this. It is also called the Rubric of the Gods because it should be copied by the Masters, Adepts and Star People and placed in the frontal pages of their Grimoires, Magick Books and Lust Literature. It should be written in red for that is its true color and why it is called a Rubric. If written in Blood it will have greater power but best of all is menstrual blood, for the power of Kaula flowers will liberate the people from bondage and shake the foundations of the Cosmos. It will cause the puritans and stone brains to cringe in the darkness and the power of the Idiot-God of the Desert Domain cannot save them.”

“Come Magician,” said the Goddess,”Take this parchment and quill and write down as I speak.” Sitting on the Sarsen Stone she spread her thighs and her menstrual blood filled a crevice in the rock. This was the Sacred Ink which the Magician did use.

“Listen in silence and write with speed. Speak not for I alone may utter these things. Begin.”

Thus do I reveal, that there was, is and always will be,
One Supreme Absolute Reality in and beyond the Cosmos.
Questions relating to its origin are futile and impossible.
It cannot be expressed in any language of mankind.

Thus do I reveal, that this One Supreme Absolute Soul
Projected itself without altering its existence,
into a dual form—Male and Female—Shiva and Shakti-
God and Goddess, or the Potential and the Power.
The Cosmic Catalyst to make this possible is MAYA.

Then began the Great Sexual Drama of Creation.
Male Aspect of Divinity Penetrated and Impregnated
The Goddess in an Act of Supreme Sensuous Enjoyment.
In the Climax of Orgasm the Cosmos took its Form.
And was Born from the Womb of the Great Kali.

Thus do I reveal, an intentional plan of the Divine
By which it became possible for the Supreme Reality
To Experience and Enjoy the Sensory Bliss of Cosmos.
Thus it has come to be, in our tradition and rites
That all Sensuous Joy and Delight of Human Beings
Is inseparable from the Joy Experienced by the Divine.
For God is completely One with the Cosmos created
And the Pleasures of people are the Pleasures of God.
This is the Great Universal Plan of the Absolute;
A Divine Intention we dare not try to alter.

Dedicate your Sex Delights, on all levels to God.
Make them part of your spiritual worship and service;
For the Great Divine has devised for Human welfare,
The Erotic Joy which will lead Mankind to Liberation.
And is the means of gaining the Supreme Attainment;
The real Goal and Success of every Yoga;
The Path of Return to the God from whence we came;
The end of all misery and rebirth into the world.

Thus Erotic Enjoyment is the true Joy of God
And the path which leads to Mankind’s Liberation.
This Erotic Joy is the true happiness of Humans
And essential to peace, health and well-being.
Thus Ancient Saints do demonstrate and teach
That shyness, inhibitions and unnatural modesty,
Are the great stumbling blocks to Spiritual Life
And nothing is attained if they are not overcome.

When this esoteric teaching is known,
And you have reached the joy of one attained,
You will be free from the Five Afflictions,
And, having conquered all the Obstructions,
Rise to live in a state of real freedom
And naked like a madman roam the world.

The five pain-bearing obstructions
The root cause of sorrow and strife
Ego, Ignorance, Attachment,
Aversion and Fear of ones’ life.

The Creator manifests as the senses,
The intellect and faculties of man,
To enjoy their taste and diversity,
As well as bliss of their consummation,
By being one with God in attainment
The Yoga of the Kaulas is twofold
Being Enjoyment and Liberation.

All things must be in Oneness with the One,
Divinity expressed in Act and Deed.
The Joy of Life and Flesh becomes Divine
And now no rule or vow to be obeyed,
Since the purity of realization
Enjoys the world as only God enjoys
For all and each are Aspects of One God.

Just as the wind goes freely through the trees,
Not to be entangled by the branches,
The people who are Stars go through the world
No longer caught by snares which hold or bind.

Not in the glare of strong Sunlight,
Only in the soft charm of Moonlight,
Beneath the vast canopy of Starlight,
Into the mystic world of Dreamlight.
In the deep passionate embrace of Snug Time,
Into the far-out Cosmic world of Dream Time,
Wearing a skin-tight robe of air at Nude Time,
Enjoy the soft and tender touch at Skin Time,

Here ends the Dumb Book – (The Rubric of the Gods)

Said Jyotsna the Goddess of Moonlight: “Now the Dumb Book has been delivered, I will give you the Rites and Initiations for your weal and welfare and the happiness of the Star People. Let the worship of the Gods be in this wise for this is the way of the Kaula Magicians and the Star People of the New Age. Strip off the garments worn in hypocrisy and by the impure people who live in shame. Nudity is the Way of the Gods and the Lustration of the Star People. This shall be their Life, Joy and Living and the Gods will Enjoy Also. Therefore do I give you for your sincerity, dedication and devotion three Rites:

The Three Weirdglow Erotic Rites

The Kaula Rites of worship of Lingam and Yoni has for its basis the erotic worship and enjoyment of man and woman. They are a combination of worship leading to Attainment and naturally evoke enjoyment. In the Ecstasy of Orgasm, mankind attains the Divine Experience which is the closest a human being can reach as an Ecstasy with God. Therefore be warned. If enjoyment is the only objective, it can be obtained without Kaula rites and unless there is a sincere desire for a spiritual elevation and Divine Attainment the Rites should not be used. This is the way of the Slave-People who enjoy without worship. In this Rite the Woman, the Shakti, is worshiped as the Goddess and as a Divine Manifestation of the Goddess. Therefore the Rite begins by the man kneeling before her, to worship her, and anoint parts of her body with offerings and salutations. Her Yoni is the central object of this worship for it is the symbol of the Goddess.

Then the woman will worship the man in the same manner. His Lingam, being the symbol of God is given special devotion. Then they retire to the Celestial Zonule which has been set aside for the Rite. Children who have attained puberty may be present and participate in this rite according to their age, experience and the instruction they have received, children who have not reached puberty may be present, but only for worship. Kaulas frequently use young virgins and boys as objects of worship but not for enjoyment. Therefore it is said:

In Yoni Puja, life becomes complete.
Men bow and worship this Sacred Symbol.
Since every Yoni is the Goddess Fair,
Then Puja Worship it with Cosmic Joy.

The Lingam of Lust is the Joy of God,
Women must worship this Sacred Symbol.
Since every Lingam is our Maha Dev,
Then Puja Worship it with Cosmic Joy.

Not any woman can be a Shakti or suitable partner. Only one who has knowledge, understanding and devotion can play the role of Shakti. The purpose of these rites is to elevate sex to its true Divine status and obliterate the base associations of the Judeo-Xtian slaves. It is our pleasure to know the pleasure of God.

The Lust of the Gods is the Lust of Mankind;
There is no other expression for Creation.
For the God and the Goddess attain their Joy
Through the senses of living creatures.

The Lust of Life has torn aside the veils;
The probing hand creeps tender over flesh;
The Mouth of Moon drools open for that Kiss
Which will admit the Wand of Joys’ caress.

Forward and Upward, expanding into spirals,
Inspired by the Gods and inflamed by the Goddess,
The Magickal Way to create a New Aeon;
The world of the future and won by our Wonder.

The Second Weirdglow Initiation: The Incest Rite

In the Incest Rite, sham morals are inverted to create dynamic potential and magick power. It is for the blessing of mankind for it is the Sacred and Holy Union of Shiva and Shakti; of Osiris and Isis, for if there is not deep love between brother and sister, father and daughter, mother and son then the family relationships become sterile. How can there be love in the world? Love and lust, and in this rite, love with the hands, mouth and pubes which will be anointed with libations. Water which is used to wash the sacred places of the body becomes Holy Water and the Alkahest to eliminate evil forces and heal sickness.

All Holy Water should be made this way and the washing of the Lingam and Yoni is the Sacred Water of the Hindus and is revered by the Kaulas. It shall be used in libations and oblations and initiation rites. Brother or Sister libation is powerful if they are related by birth but they may also be related by adoption or because they are Brother and Sister (Frater and Soror) in the same Magickal or Spiritual Fraternity. These libations have great power when combined with appropriate chants, mantras or magick invocations. Because of its slight content of Semen, Smegma or Goblin Dew etc., it is powerful to dispel evil spirits and anti-vibrations, bad-luck or disease associated with some locations. Of such is the Cream of the Holy Fire. The Desire of the Gods shall be the Joy of Mankind. This from the Goddess Jyotsna to the Star People.

“Shiva and Shakti were born of one Father
And were therefore Brother and Sister.
I am Osiris and Thou my Sister Isis:

I am He who is King and Thou art my Queen
It is Our Will to Enjoy the Way of the Gods
In this Sacred Rite we share the Joy of the Cosmos
O, Goddess who will be and always has been.
Now to Enjoy you as my Sister Lover,
Away all barriers to Nakedness and Joy
Sharing ourselves and be one with the Gods.

A Kiss for my Rod, for that Rod is the God
And the Womb is Kissed for the Taste of Goblin Dew;
In this Incest Rite, Attain to Oneness,
Where You and I are One, and I am You.”

The Third Weirdglow Initiation: The Auto-Erotic Rite

The Masturbatory Rites of the Gods are the medium by which we can make suitable worship to them and maintain all sexual worship and offerings on a high spiritual level. Although masturbation is essential to all normal people to maintain health and relieve the tensions and frustrations of civilization it must never be reduced to the level of the Slave Caste and Establishment Pawns. For they take pleasure this way from habit and smear it with dirt and secrecy. The Slave Gods forbid it to their people because they must outlive their thralldom in misery.

The Magickal Masturbation in the Rites of Magicians is governed by five special and yet sacred conditions:

1) Auto-Eroticism should be used only as a special magickal rite where suitable invocations and offerings are made and the Semen Virile is offered to the Goddess or Personal Deity of the Magician.

2) In this Rite everything is prepared with care and deliberation and even the act of producing orgasm is extended and delayed.

3) NO invocations or chants take place during the period when the sexual organ is manipulated to attain orgasm, but sometimes a suitable mantra may be used. In this part of the rite intense concentration is necessary and the mind should be filled with all the most fantastic erotic imagery the magician can conjure.

4) This Rite is sacred but it does not need to be performed in solitude or seclusion and other magickal partners and associates can (perhaps, should) be present. An acolyte can be of great assistance.

5) This Rite can and does create great magickal power and forms a basis by which the magician can cause wonders to occur or great changes take place on all levels.

This, as all other Magickal Rites should be accompanied by offerings. These are the basic offering of things representing the five elements of earth, air, water, fire and mind (will) with which we also dedicate the five senses of smell, sight, taste, touch and sound as well as the five offerings of flesh, wine, bread, fish and sex or their substitutes if not available.

All these are acceptable to the Gods.

The Semen is caught in an earthenware dish if it is intended to bury it in the soil afterwards. Or a glass or metal dish or cup may be used. Semen must never be permitted to fall to the ground. When used as an offering to the Deities it should remain on the shrine or within the Magick Circle for at least fifteen minutes. It can then be buried or washed into the rivers or seas. Semen Virile can cause the birth of evil entities if splashed on the floor or not kept protected. After fifteen minutes (minimum) it looses virility and the power to create. Suitable oils can be used to anoint the sexual organ for the Rite.

A preliminary invocation is essential and should be used.

“I bow to the Cosmic Miracle of Magickal Salvation.
I offer the Oblation of the Elements and Substance.

(Here Lamps, Candles and Incense are lighted and the
other Offerings are placed in their proper positions.)

I salute the Gods of North, South, East and West
And the Portals which lead to the Cosmos and Stars.
I salute the dark gates of the Kingdom of Mind
I salute the Gods of the World and Planets
I salute the Spirit of Creation and Cosmic Joy.

I dedicate Mind, Soul and Body to the Creative
I present the Phallic Wand as sincere offering
I worship in the manner of the Gnostic Priests
For this is the Way of the Star People
And Power to Create our Magickal Way of Life.

By the Twelve Mystic Houses of the Zodiac,
By the Silver Star, Luminary of the Plenum,
The Hermetic Hermits of our secret sciences
The Grace of the Black and White Shaktis
I anoint the Phallic Wand with Sacred Oil
To present my Libation of Masturbatory Magick.”

Then said Jyotsna, The Goddess of Moonlight, the Luna Guardian of the planet Earth, “The Weirdglow initiations have been delivered. Let them be for the happiness of the Gods and of Mankind. I now give you as my final revelation, the Primordial Rite of Initiation, which all people who are prepared to study the Occult and Magickal Way of Life, and try to advance in it, may receive from a magician.”

The Primordial Rite of the Star People

This Rite can follow a public assembly or public worship ritual.

The Neophyte can be Male or Female. They remove all clothing and stand in the circle marked for this purpose. The Magician opens the rite saying:

“Nakedness shall be your symbol of freedom,
A symbol of your new birth into our Magick Life,
It is the highest expression of Gods’ Creation.
Through the Mind and Body of every Human Being
Through the Intellect, Feelings and Sense Expressions
The Creator Enjoys the World and Cosmos thus Created.

Do you seek to sincerely study the Occult Sciences?
Do you seek to know more of our Magickal Way of Life?
Do you renounce shame, shyness and inhibitions?
Do you renounce the ways of Dark and Ignorance?

(To these questions the Neophyte replies, “I Do”)

(Then the Neophyte is anointed with Blood, Ash, Water or that Substance used by the particular group.)

The Magician marks the Body saying:

I consecrate your brow to Divine Wisdom
I consecrate the breasts to loves’ embrace
I consecrate the genitals to Gods’ Enjoyment
I consecrate the hand to eternal service
I consecrate the feet to walk our path.

Kiss to salute the Master.

The Rite is complete. God, Goddess, Peace.”

The Valediction of the Goddess Jyotsna

The moon sinks to the horizon and the time has come for me to depart. Therefore in these, the last words of my revelation, I will say that I have given you sufficient basis so that by your own alchemy, laboratory work and experiment the Magickal Way of the Star People will unfold. But this is a warning:

Do not mistake Religion for Spiritual Life.
Do not mistake Scriptures for Divine Wisdom.
Do not mistake Civilization for Progress.
Do not mistake Endurance for Happiness.
Do not mistake Submission for Acceptance.
Do not mistake Obedience for Freedom.

Magickal Power, Wisdom and Attainment is the true object of Human life, and therefore, all other objectives are secondary. Seek the real attainment but do not permit it to be lost in a whirl of activity. For if the Supreme Absolute is not attained then nothing is gained. Enjoyment is the Magickal means but itself is not the goal. The true spiritual and Magickal Way of Life is not to limit or frustrate but to give life fullness and happiness. The old order crumbles about you and a new and better Aeon must begin. But what is for Mankind must be built by Mankind. When you feel weak or incapable the Gods will encourage you and help you but the work you must still do for yourselves. But their grace combined with your efforts will make for harmony and success.

For the Cosmos upon one rule is built
And the only Law is to do as you wilt:

Here ends the SINISTROVERSUS Tractate and Vama Marga Path for the Star People of the Western World

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Introduction to Sinistroversus by Sri Kapilnath