The Star Path

The Star Path

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

Dadaji Paramahamsa 999

The Secret Tantra of the Aeonian Transmission
Being the Sanskritised Text for the Outer Court of Illumination


In the archaic days of great, fantastic ages, and when the period was known as the Gnomon Era, some minor disturbance was heard and became magnified until it was audible above the thunder vibrations of the Himalayan Ranges. Snafu Raj, His Royalness, and Ferocity, the Archon of Cockaigne, had entered the regions south of the Great Mountains with a large, noisy and disordered army.

During their journey, although quite unintentional, they had looted small towns, raided villages and sacked several caravans on the Silk Route. Eventually, the tired and overloaded army halted for rest in the city of Agartala in the municipality of Tripura. The days passed here in joyful idleness but, by a happy chance, Snafu was able to hire for rent his entire army, its paraphernalia and mechanical devices, to the Robber Baron of Bagnio, the internationally famous collector of precious relics, jewels, trinkets and golden objet d’arts.

A strong army was most necessary, and it helped to make the transfer of the property quick, possible and complete. Thus, Snafu suddenly found himself free of all encumbrances for he had made this long journey, not only to collect the mundane treasures of the world but also to visit the shrines of this ancient melting pot and to visit the Kingdom of Kaverns called Shambhala.

There he would now go, not to sack, but to seek, for the Royal Hooligan had also a pious streak somewhere deep down beneath his brass studded smock. It were ever thus. He resolved that he would lay some particle of this treasure, small though it may be, at the feet of the goddess Lalana Devi whose image stood shamelessly in the Great Temple Complex of Shambhala, for she was the symbol of attainment and the treasure of womanhood. Thus, Snafu Raj, filled with piety, hurried to Shambhala and reached the Kingdom in less than two months of hard travel.

The opening to the vast cavern complex of the city was very small and the entrance passage quite narrow. There was no gate or door because in the ancient days Vishvakarman, the “architect of the gods,” had contrived a folding floor so that if anyone entered for an improper purpose or were not really welcome, they would fall into a deep pit where they would be left to muse upon their folly. It was the remarkable mechanical device of Shambhala, made of stone and activated by a mantra, which made the city impregnable and discouraged casual “drop-ins.” Thus, because of the ingenuity of construction, the entrance required no door, and this place of admission became known as Mirdwaja.

It was here that our great warrior was met by an old crone and after some exchange of compliments and ballsy conversation, she led him to the entrance of the Great Temple and vanished. For a man who had lived a life of travel, noise and nonsense, the quiet tranquility of the temple was like pouring balm on a painful wound, and it induced relaxation and peace to his troubled mind. He sat for awhile and delivered his prayers and offerings.

It was very difficult for him to remove his eyes from the image because it stirred his deeper fiery emotions. But suddenly a silent messenger appeared and beckoned him to follow. This the Raja did, and in a few moments, he found himself in the cavern of the Divine Guru Loadstar, the Enlightened Swan, and Preceptor of Shambhala. Snafu was dazzled to behold him. Prostrating himself at the guru’s feet, he delivered a confused oration of praise which revealed sincerity but conveyed little else.

The guru presented him with love and gave his blessings and asked, “The purpose of your visit is hidden behind a cloud and your aura reveals no illumination. Would it not be better to state the purpose of your visit, for you sit on sacred ground and the occasion requires an open heart and mind.”

Snafu wiped his face, blew his nose, and tucked his shirt away. “Vision of wisdom,” he said, “although all things must be known to you, I can only say that years of despair and frustration lie behind me. Now I fear the future. How can I express myself except to ask that you give me the Loadstar Glim which will illuminate my life and the knowledge to prepare for the future? The ghosts of the tomb may snatch my body from me, and my spirit will be left bewildered and in the darkness. Even now my body drags, and I yearn for the fullness of the secret Wiz Way to eternal life. But what is eternal and what is life, I cannot understand? It is this I would be overjoyed to know. From my boyhood, I have humbled myself at the shrine of the Mother Goddess, but now I must worship her by the many names which express the divine qualities and all the mental images of her nomenclature. Could you, O Benevolent Guru, who guards the great mysteries of the Devi, so instruct and reveal these to me?”

“Some of her names,” said the guru, “cannot be expressed, for they are numberless. Since she is all things and, in all things, then every object, piece or particle is her, and its name must also be hers. I will, however, and within our limited time fraction, tell you of these important names which express the Devi and are the basic substances of our way of life.” “Lord of Divine Vision,” said Snafu Raj, “grant me just that.” Thus did the guru reveal the mysteries of the goddess by saying:

The Tantra of Illumination by the Goddess is here promulgated.
We bow to the Supreme Goddess, the Mother Lalita,
For those who would drink her nectar and call her name
Will never again suck milk from the breasts of a woman;
When Spirit is free, then Earth birth cannot come again.

The Secret Tantra of Eternal Life

Said the guru: In the magick conjurations of the Cosmos we must know the source and where the stream may end; for the world is a land of many windings and only those who attain the goddess can ever reach the Ocean of Nectar. Of all the world and everything contained in its wonderland, there is the god and goddess known as Shiva and Shakti. But when Shiva and Shakti expand into the plenum of Space, then their cosmic domain becomes the great Ocean of Nectar.

In their sport and play new vast stars are created, and they take up their abode on the Greater Kailash which is a mountain of stars in the center of the Galaxy. Here they become known as Sadashiva and Lalita Devi and become the symbolic expressions of our magick thought. For only in this miraculous way can we understand them. But because there is no absolute duality in the cosmos, the god and goddess are one in union and one to us.

Because of the aggressive nature of mankind these days it is better conceive the Absolute always as the Devi; as the mother of the earth, of mankind and the cosmos. For before the mother, who would dare or do great wrong? Will the love of the mother make us want to love also? So, in this way, the mother Ambika is the mother Lalita and we, who are born in her womb, are her children.

In the outer court of illumination, the people pause and think, for this is the halting place before you enter the International Nath Order, where determination and decision are essential and vital. Once you advance into the circle, you retreat to your sorrow, like the warrior who turns and runs away in battle, or the hunter who turns his back on the great tiger.

This is the launching pad if you are ready to begin and start your spiritual progress to a new world of bliss. Shed all your negative ideas and fill the mind with plus, until our Kula Chakras fill the wide world entire—and the dull dimensions of the past dissolve in fire.

The real banality of evil is when people give assent to perpetrate the rule of evil which is the death of freedom, and ballot boxes then become the substitutes for coffins.

Of Lalana Devi there is much or little that can be expressed, for Lalana has the meaning of a shameless female wanton who displays her body for the lewd love lurks of others, and sports with erotic joys as a child sports with its toys. Hers is the embrace of the thunderbolt and celestial light, for she fulfills the joy and desire of all women and men. She is the symbol of female polarity and sensual delight, and her skin has the gleam and fragrance of the orchid. She is the explosive force of Nature with moonlight eyes, the Goddess of Nature, non-existence of all cosmic sound. Therefore, is this goddess worshiped in the Fane of Shambhala.

Hring Lalana Prakriti Nada Swaha!

Hring is the seed mantra of Shakti Devi and meaning is: manifestation, involution and the great perfection. For these are the qualities by which she is known the best. As Hring, she is the goddess Maya, the illusion of the world, so that the people may know that nothing by them is known.

Shring is the seed mantra of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, but as price is not value so wealth is not always money.

Kling is the mantra of the Devi Maha Kali the Eternal. Although she is the goddess of life, she also conquers death.

When Shiva desired the slaying of the demon Daruka, the goddess Kali sprang from the light of his third eye. Because she was the will of the Lord, her fiery wrath did not abate, and she continued to merge her anger with destruction. Seeing the great confusion and its portends for the world, to dispel her anger, Shiva assumed the form of a baby. Only then was Maha Kali overcome with tenderness and love, and taking the crying infant, she suckled it at her breast.

Because this child was the incarnation of Lord Shiva, it was called Kshetrapala—the protector of the earth. For a helpless baby did what Shiva himself could not do. Now the precinct of sacred ceremonies is called Kshetra, for it is the place where the rites of Kali are made complete.

Because she is tranquil she is called Shanti Devi of Peace. Even the great thunder of the cosmos does not perturb her. As Shanti Mata, she is the Mother of Peace and Tranquility; powerful in all her aspects and bestowing peace on the Kaulas. Even the grim tragedy of birth and death do not move her.

As Preta Devi, she is the goddess of Shades and Ghosts, and because of her energy, they cannot enter the magick circle. Although she works for their progress and spiritual evolution, she protects the Kula Chakra from the forces of darkness.

She is designated as Nitya Devi for she is eternal. And the eternal, eternity and foreverness is her form.

Digambari Digambari Lalita Devi Digambari

She is Digambari because she is clothed only in space; though the sky pours over her body, her beauty is not hidden and even the air becomes sacred in contact with her fleshy body and all Nature is adorned with her beauty and wonder. When people are beautiful, naked, and free it becomes inauspicious to hide them with any apparel. Thus, she is also called Nirantara because of nudity, “Nir” meaning not and “Antara” meaning clothes or clothing.

In space clad nakedness the yogis and yoginis perform the occult yoga of the secret Kaula cult. Thus. Kaula and Shakti revert to originality when they are nude, the sky alone do they wear. Thus, it is the instrument of living natural joy which no establishment its meaning can suppress.

She is called Manasarova Devi, the goddess of the Swan Lake. She is the swan (hamsa) who moves over the lake of the mind. For in the secret and mystical lore of the Devi and Kaulas is the story of the supreme swan call Paramahamsa . For when it is given a goblet of milk mixed with water it can drink only the milk and leave the water behind. Such Swans are rare, but even more rare is a Paramahamsa. In this wisdom comes great magick power to devotees of Devi.

As Sheyena Yaga Devi she presides over the Grey Magick rites. They are called Grey Magick because it is the secret path of smoke, and those who are color-blind must proceed with great caution. Yantra diagrams are used in magick rites and in divine wyzardry are drawn to express the wish of the yogi’s conscious mind and to this are added the vibrations of the supra-conscious.

When ashes are consecrated by her name it becomes Vibhuti, possessing magick qualities, vitamins, and Shakti power. When water is consecrated by her name it becomes elixir possessing the quality of Nectar with fantasy of magick power.

When the name of the Devi, or her yantra are inscribed on rice paper, they can be used as amulets and magick signals. But if there is no imagination the fertilizing power is absent. If these are burnt to ash, they can be used in the offerings, or if dissolved in water it becomes a liquid magick potion and may be drunk or rubbed on any part of the body. Thus, this is the magick of Punya—unlimited fortune or good luck.

The goddess is called Kaulini. Her domain is the in-group. She presides over the Kula Chakra which is the circle of action. For those who believe and take initiation as Kaulas are the yogis and yoginis of the New Aeon of Higher Tantrikas. They worship by the erotic ritual in explosive magick circles. As one lamp requires another flame in order to ignite it, so the Kaula wisdom is onwards transmitted from one to another.

She is called Tara Devi because she is the Star Goddess.
She is called Kanta Devi because she is the most beautiful.
She is called Kanta Vilasini Devi because of her erotic sport-play.
She is called Santoshi Ma, the Mother of Contentment.
She is called Vama Devi because she rules the Vama Marga.
She is called Mohini because She is the Enchantress.

For men who behold Her body become mad with desire;
Those who taste her lovely lips become inflamed with fire;
Those who touch her secrets soft, become insane forever.
Only a sorcerer, with powerful wand, can ever subdue her.
She is “She” from whom the gods cannot turn away their eyes.
And she is the power of all wyzardry and cosmic magick.

I tremble with fear when I measure the expanse of lightning
Or put on record the terrible vibrations of the thunder
For who can know the dynamic forces which hide in the brain
Or when the Bindu Lotus, 1000 miles from nowhere
Crackles, sparkles and electrifies my saggy thinking?
Then I know my moment has come and it’s time to expand.

The Devi Shuklasamshita resides in the male semen, for she is the progenitrix and sparkle of all creation. This also names a form of esoteric in-group meditation which is practiced at the time of sexual enjoyments. By the power of the Devi, one has time and place for everything.

In the auto-erotic rites of the in-group people, this information implies an esoteric injunction. The semen must be received in a piece of cloth or paper, or a small disk if it is to be an offering to the Devi. Semen must never be permitted to fall to the ground, or in a place which is polluted with unseemly impurity.

Because she is coiled like a spring, she is the Great Spiral, the symbolic path of development and great cosmic potential. She is designated as the Snake Goddess, Kundalini Devi and in this role, her magnitude is as a point on an ear of rice, or a grain of dust poised on the point of a sharp needle.

She is called Maha Shakti because she is infinite power and because she delights in the joyful festivals of Kaulas. So here her name also means union of Shiva and Shakti and the explosive creative force of their divine enjoyment.

If the heart lotus experiences unpolluted happiness and the genital lotus explodes in great sensual joy, then the brow lotus will penetrate the deepest darkness, so that the brain lotus is swilled with esoteric delight. This is the transformation and transmutation of Kaula.

The Kula Chakra is a strange market
Where you can barter convention for bliss;
New thinking, new life, and it’s off the wall
And no crystal ball foretold joy as this.

If you think we are unconventional
It is only because that’s how we are;
So do you think there is anything strange
When every man and woman is a star?

Mother Nature has ruled with true justice
Sometimes the rod and sometimes a caress;
Yet never unfair as mere humans are
And her ways do decide our happiness.

Tantrika is the path of liberation and also enjoyment and now that the New Aeon of Aquarius is at hand the secret rites and worship of the Devi begin again. The magick circle is the secret place where Kaulas go to sport with the Shakti for enjoyment by the Devi, for it is through mankind the god and goddess enjoys.

She is the skry-stone to penetrate into the future, the divine insight, the shape of things to come: She is desire, the thing desired, and fulfillment. She is strength, fortitude, and the unbreakable substance. She is effort, perseverance, and the will for great success. She is fame and all the universe knows of her wonder. She is Swaha, the terminator of mantras whose form is fire.

The normal, natural things shall always be our deeds,
For goodness and evil are the things most hard to bear.
And equipoise is the real balance of all human life.
Government by hallucination means a holocaust to come.

She is Raga Devi because she is the cosmic passion. She is called Nir Ahamkara being without ego and the Kaulas know that ego breeds self-destruction. Nirvi Kalpa Devi is unconditioned, eternal knowledge. Durga because she is deliverance to all the Kaulas, for she who rides on a tiger destroys the dark demonic.

She is Dura Charasha Mani, terminator of customs because by her power the evils of society and politics, the rat-race, establishment, power and other evils are destroyed when we have awakened to the meaning of life, nature and mankind’s real purpose on Earth.

She is Niranjana because she is the stainless. For the Devi and her Kaulas are above worldly stains, and those, now divine by her grace, can do no wrong.

She is Lata Lalana the Creeper Woman because no man can escape from her creeper-like embrace, for this is the delightful imprisonment we enjoy.

This is the jigsaw where many pieces are lost or missing,
But you will find them, one day, hidden in the mind.
This is the way of life which is full of contradictions,
Where positive becomes negative and then to change again.
Ours is the shifting sand of a universe in motion,
Yet the Kaulas can float in its real stability.

What can we expect when it is all a reflection and a fantasy world one must view in a mirror—to see that the real and unreal are but images where left becomes right and right becomes left, and the mirror is exalted as the skry-stone of life? But when the reflections are viewed in a second mirror, we find ourselves at the feet of Sarva Mohini Devi, the stability of the unstable and instability of stability, the sacred qualities where permanence is impermanent.

Did not the Devi give different races their scriptures?
A cosmic joke so that the stupid would be bewildered;
For the absence of discrimination brings its own suffering.

Our unmarred purity of innocence, faith and belief is but a revelation of the inner depths of Nature. When the dark curtain of civilization is pulled aside, we have rent the veil which hides the Supreme Devi and know that the inner flame within is not extinct.

The Phoenix, our real, must some day rise again to rise above the ashes of a burnt and dreary life. And by our simple magick we will change our sordid world and then in Mother Nature’s arms a child, once more, become. A purer air, less oil upon the tide, and life returns. The seeds will burst, and forests will abound. For though we cannot stay too long upon the earth, we’ll leave it, if we can, much better than we found.

She is Sandhya Devi the Goddess of Twilight, for in the Umbra Zonule we meditate on her, where injunctions and prohibitions are for the ignorant. But ours is the essence of joy and spirit to be tasted.

As Indradhanush Devi she is Goddess of the Rainbow, for the celestial bridge is brilliant with its colors. As the rainbow cannot manifest without rain, so the Devi remains hidden without without insight. Just as the crystal is tinted by rays of different colors so do her qualities differ among her devotees. She is not attained by one of unstable or fickle mind, but when we are guided by Supreme Light, we attain it. Are we not Tuath Dé Danann—children of the goddess?

Those who can by numerology determine the number of the names will attain the numbers of their own numerical harmonies. Thus, Lalita Devi = 3 + 1 + 3 + 9 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 5 + 4 + 9 = 41 = 4 + 1 = 5. This is the number of Mercury and the neutral number in the numerology of the I Ching.

The name Lalita Devi consists of ten letters and of these five are vowels and five consonants. This is the number symbol of harmony and balance. The number 5 is symbolized by Mercury, the messenger. It is the sexual pleasure-seeking number of the senses and the number of versatility, investigation, and adventure. It embraces 2+3 the Moon, feminine and changeable plus the spiritually creative with sexual overtones, 5 is May, the 5th month of the festival of Maying and May is an archaic term for a young woman. So where in the cosmos is there such rhythm as this where we grasp the meaning of the cosmos by name and form?

The Tantrik Cult of the Supreme Mother Goddess is based in the teaching of the immortality of the spirit; a devout reverence for Nature and Natural Laws; except for those confined in towns and cities she loves the energy centers and shrines of real nature; the transmigration of the spirit by death and rebirth; the division of time by rhythmic cycles and seasons; divine guidance in life by oracle, prophecy and divination.

Shiva said: Because of her, Kama (Manmatha) was destroyed, but because of her I restored the body of Kama again. Thus, the Devi is also called Kama Devi and this because she came to me in the secret place in the mountains for the sake of her delightful desire and fiery passion. She is the desiring, desirable and fulfillment of desire.

The eternal Devi wears the mask of many millennia because our entire universe is enigma, mystery and secret, where Lalita is pleased with the secret ways of the Kaula. But the real secret of secrets is her own fantastic reality. The goddess was born in the fire of cosmic consciousness, and her myriad manifestations are her supreme will, so we call her Lalita because she is the essence of joy.

The Devi is known by the name of Maha Siddhi
Because she is the giver of all the great attainments:
To give you taste when there is nothing to be tasted,
To make you hear when there is nothing to be heard,
To make you weep when there is nothing but great joy,
To make you laugh when there is nothing but sad sorrow.
She will give you Equilibrium in the cosmic suspension.

The science of Astrology is the key to her vast kingdom,
And the Oracle is her voice and our understanding.
Alchemy is the science of her power of transmutation and
Magick is the supreme science of all attainments.

She is Tripura Devi the Triple Goddess who is One.
She is Holy Trinity of maid, bride, and crone.
Thus, was she known as Morrigana, Macha, and Badh.
She is Selene, Diana, Hecate, the Full, the Phased and the Hidden.
As Kumbha Devi, she is the ruler of the sign of Aquarius.
As Maha Bhoga she is Goddess of the Great Enjoyment.
She is the Measurer, the Measuring and the Thing Measured.

The wine is ancient, but the bottles are new.
So do not keep the bottles and throw away the wine.
Bank notes are not left in lavatories
As toilet paper is not stored in vaults.
How can this paper have such different value if
Mohini and Maya were not their creators?

2000 years of darkness was the Kali Aeon, and the sign of Pisces brought deceit and intrigues. These developed as murder, oppression and hunger—where thinking was burned in the fires of auto-de-fé and the bounty of the earth became so contracted by the greed and avarice of those who rose to power. People were pressed into one identical mold because the rule of the Dark requires only a race of robots where the people threw dice in a game they could not win.

The Dark Age ends, and Aeon of Aquarius will begin, but to mankind has been given the choice of curse or blessing. The New Aeon cannot flourish if the thinking is Pisces. Though Nature endures so much the same, but mankind must attain to a new and higher level of better thinking if a Golden Age of peace, freedom, and happiness can begin. Therefore, the Kaula Tantrika way of life asks of its people to shed the brain-swill conditioning of their dingy past and approach life and living with a new way of think. For think is the first initiation to a higher way of life.

Ages will come and go, and only the cosmos remains eternal. For she who is all that was and is always will be is the Divine Mother of a million names and countless aspects. She is the secret cave of the ancients and the Pagan cults, the golden womb of rebirth and of magick we attain, and she alone conceives the space of nothingness before the galaxies.

She is the alembic and womb of transmutation of all alchemy. She was the oracle of Greece and stonemason of Stonehenge. She is the hag, the Saturnalia and rites of spring, she is the Bacchanalia and the flavor of its wine.

Our far-out fantasy of ageless lore and joy of life. She is Titania, the goddess of Shakespeare’s dreamtime world. She is the Ganges, the Danube, the Thames, the Seine. She is the supreme greatness who rules the king of kings.

The goddess Albion rules the islands of the White Goddess, and because of her power, she can and will destroy all evil, for she will never forget her people if she is not forgotten. This Devi is the alchemist, enchantress, the witch and wonder, the serpent, the pythoness, and salamander of the sorcerers. Excalibur, the magick sword, was forged by her in fantasy. Why did men call her Isis, Hathor, Aphrodite, Circe? She is the spirit of woodlands, mountains, and Queen of Faery, and the greatest grace to us is the gift of She, Herself.

In the center of the mind is a point beyond infinity. It is called the Bindu Chakra and is the seed of all. The Shakti of the Cosmos dwells ever in this secret point, and she activates it with her nectar of the Moon. In this Bindu there is neither time or space or death, it is the center of all freedom and devoid of any fear.

The Devi is the Creatrix of this fantastic Bindu Chakra, and by her supremacy, we become free from attachment, for she is meditation, meditator and object of meditation. So, this becomes the esoteric process to destroy samsara and by which one will enjoy the nectar of wisdom. Therefore, the Devi is designated by Hring Shring Kling—they become the seeds of enjoyment by all the Kaulas, and our way of life becomes magick, might, and magnitude.

Thus ends the Tantra and its mystic coded clockwork. Forget not the name of Lodestar and the Mother Goddess. For this is only the seed which other minds will multiply so that the literature of the Aquarian Age will be complete.

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Introduction to The Star Path by Sri Kapilnath