Prophecy and Guru Samadhi

Prophecy and Guru Samadhi

Dadaji’s Samadhi in Mehmadabad, Gujarat, India

by Sri Kapilnath

In Shri Gurudev Mahendranath’s Notes on Pagan India, there is an interesting subsection entitled, Naked Among the Gods. This subsection relates a description by Shri Mahendranath of his initiation into the Uttara Kaula sect by Shri Pagala Baba. The third paragraph of this subsection ends with the intriguing statement, “Then came two personal visions relating to my own future. One of them has already matured, but the second can only occur after I am dead.”

This second vision related a scene in which Mahendranath viewed a box containing a human skull. He asked out loud what it was. A voice answered, “That is you.” A picture of this box can be found below.

By way of explanation; this box is the sole reliquary of Shri Gurudev Mahendranath’s remains, and to my knowledge, the only authentic Nath Siddha-Samadhi outside of India. It is located in the East quadrant of Kailash Zonule, my personal circle and the place of occasional group Work and Worship.

From bottom to top: An eight sided silver tray. The orange protrusions which are largely obscured by flowers, are the Guru Padukas. The Guru’s Sandals which were a gift from Shri Mahendranath and imbued with his Shakti and Blessings. The beige box is of carved marble and contains Mahendranath’s skull and ashes. The red circular object resting on the box is a Yoni. Directly above this is the Guru Rudraksha Mala which I wear when meditating or performing puja, a gift from Mahendranath.

My receipt of this Mala is a something of an amusing story. One day Mahendranath wanted to go on a stroll to the cremation ground. Prior to leaving Shambhala Tapovan, he stopped and said, “I have something you may like to have.” He stretched out his arms, revealing the Mala pictured below. I was surprised and slightly stunned. My thoughts were, “Go slow here.” I then slowly mentioned, “It’s beautiful, but I already have a Mala.” At this moment he held the Mala a bit higher and an enchanting blue orb of light began to circle the Mala casting an eerie glow. My next action was to reach out to accept the Mala with a “Thank You” and putting it on, wore it happily to the cremation ground and ever after.

Above this Mala is a Narmadishvara Lingam with auspicious markings. Encircling the Lingam is a Naga. The shaft behind the Lingam belongs to a very special Trishul, another gift from Shri Mahendranath.

Thus ends the tale of prophecy fulfilled and a peep at the final resting place and Guru Samadhi of Shri Mahendranath.

Written by Sri Kapilnath the Skull Lord on 10-10-2002.

Samadhi for Mahendranath surrounded by flowers
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath Samadhi

Guru Om – Guru Om – Guru Om…

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