Rudra Dhuni

Rudra Dhuni

On July 3rd, 2006 we inaugurated Rudra Dhuni. The location of this fine site can be found in the city of Lacey, Washington in the domain of Sri Garudanath. It is situated on a tree clad bluff above the entrance to Fishtrap Cove. The view from our birds-eye vantage place is delightful.

Rudra Dhuni was excavated and its base lined with rocks from the beach. As sunset fell upon the scene, it was time to begin. A lovely glow ensued as the ritual got under way. From left to right: Kapilnath, Rose Devi, Vijayanath and Dhruvanath.

The Dreamtime vibrations spread as the Twilight Yoga rite at Rudra Dhuni proceeds with increasing intensity. Rose Devi and Vijayanath are pictured below.

Vijayanath and Dhruvanath at Rudra Dhuni are pictured here.

A brief video of the ritual can be found at the following link. The video file is just over 5mb, so take this into consideration when watching the Rudra Dhuni video. The explosions in the background are some kind of fireworks which seem to fit right into our ritual.

The evening exertions were a beautiful rite and inauguration on a high spiritual level. A fine time was had by all. The next day we dropped by for another visit, “Good-bye for now Rudra Dhuni…”

For more information on the Dhuni, see Awakening the Nath Dhuni.

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