The Five Kleshas

The Five Kleshas

The Kleshas, like any concept, look different from different perspectives. In order to assemble some type of common view, it is often a good idea to put the concept into its stated context and examine and look for the functional basis of the idea; i.e. what it means, what it does, what is its relative value to us personally.

The Kleshas are meant to indicate aspects, things, or entities which obstruct us from living in the fullness of our “Spirit” potential. There are alternative lists of the “five things” in various traditions and sometimes the list is even enlarged to include eight or more “things.”

The main idea of the Kleshas, is a listing of important “pillars,” if you don’t mind the metaphor, which are fundamental to the basic creation of a sense of “self identity.” At the same time, an integrated structure of “self identity” remains important in daily life. At this moment I have the sense that “I” am writing this email. “I” am attempting to communicate an idea to others, etc.

The kleshas can be dissolved in various states of divine consciousness. The puzzle remains that one is unlikely to enter the sphere of divine consciousness without letting the Kleshas slip quietly away during the period of our Yoga. Exertions, Observations or Restrictions which allow this process to unfold are the signatures of our Path.

We eventually descend again back into the kleshas by degree if we are still in the body. Yoga is relative to the body/mind and time based as long as there are relative aspects to the individual body/mind.

Nonetheless, the “process” and metaphor of ascent into Divine Consciousness and descent back into a kleshic sense of self identity remains a Helix like process of spiritual evolution, because the process transforms us. Rightly engaged, the process expands and permeates the life as a whole.

A mantra which I use at various time of the day and even before meditation to help keep myself on track and aligned.

The five pain bearing obstructions,
the root causes of trouble and strife,
Ignorance, Ego, Repulsion,
Attachment and Clinging to Life.

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