Questions about INO

Questions about INO

Regarding your queries:

I have some questions about INO: I understand it’s a continuum of tantric lineage, and that particular lineage died in India, and rebirthed in the West. I also understand that initiation into lineage is a physical ritual.

The INO is a initiatic lineage whose roots are from many lands. These initiations were digested and passed on as mind/spirit transmission and a body of wisdom. The INO is a modern manifestation of the Kaula/Nath tradition which does not identify itself as Hindu or Buddhist. It is an English language, international manifestation of a very ancient spiritual lineage.

Initiation into the INO is actually a mind/spirit transmission which is sealed with marks of ashes placed upon the body of the new Nath.

Are there any other Kaula/Nath lineages alive?

Yes, certainly. There remain a number of subsects of Naths in India. The most numerous are of the “Gorakshanath Panth.” You can easily find them at Mount Girnar or Mount Abu and many places in Maharashtra State. There are also a number of other more obscure subsects.

The word Kaula actually relates to the concept of “family spirit knowledge.” This is a very esoteric topic because it can only be experienced and not clearly written about. At its core, Kaula is a “spirit” influence with which the human tribe or family, “Kaula” invokes and interacts with. It is an in-being with a dynamic spiritual continuum. Often individuals of various sects, trips, and traditions may interact as Kaula if they can find harmony in the sacred circle.

Is there any use of tantric sacrament of cannabis/bhang in this lineage?

There are no rules about this kind of thing beyond common sense. Any intoxicant can be abused and lead to problems. While cannabis/bhang remains illegal in most places, it can be used in certain pujas, though there is no rule that suggests its use is required or even desired. Certainly, anyone prizing their memory and mental processes do not use it every day or even very often. The Gorakshanath Naths on the other hand, often smoke all day long doing little else, as do many sadhus. Om Namah Shivaaya.

What are basic/regular rituals of the Naths?

Naths of the INO are given a mantra at initiation. They may if interested, pick up other forms of knowledge by communication and sitting with more advanced Naths of the INO. Meditation, mantra and puja are demonstrated and encouraged, but there is really no basic/regular ritual of the Naths as a whole. There is a puja which I conduct with minor variations over and over with so many people. To find out what it is and how it works, you must sit and do it with us.


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