INO lineage

INO lineage

The lineage story is always of interest because of its pristine utility. If we look at the phenomenon of lineage, without over amplification or exaggeration, we can see that it largely represents a qualified and intimate human/spiritual connection. No more or less.

In the past and present, no one was barred, prohibited or handicapped because of “non-initiated” status. Initiation was meant to be a starting point of greater intimacy and transmission, but transmission was always possible outside of initiation and could be the feature which promoted deeper interest and association.

The list of the five saints I gave in an earlier post are all connected. While there remains writings attributed to Dattatreya and Matsyendranath, we have no real evidence these are legitimate works of the purported authors or that either Lord Datta or Shri Macchindra could actually read any language, let alone write. We do have some writings by Shri Mahendranath who saw both of these beings as the foundation figures from which sprang his own primary Initiation lineages. At the same time, do consider that on spiritual levels, reading will not get you very far. It can only describe or point the way to a new avenue of thought or path or exploration.

To wit, the teachings of establishing a spiritual laboratory or “zonule” remains sound as this can be the place where ideas and patterns are put to the test and we can draw our own conclusions based upon valid methodology of our testing processes.

Saluatations and Obeisance to the Immortal Line of Shiva’s Naths.

Cast your grace upon this circle. Remove my obstacles and purify my alignment and intention.

Cast your gaze upon this circle and allow me to proceed.

Om Shri Dattatreya Namahaa
Om Shri Matsyendranatha Namahaa
Om Shri Lokanatha Namahaa
Om Shri Pagala Baba Namahaa
Om Shri Mahendranatha Namahaa

(repeat, lather-rinse)

Guru Om, Guru Om, Guru Om,


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