Dragon Seat and Mantras

Dragon Seat and Mantras

Dear Raktabija,

It is a pleasure to respond to your excellent questions.

You write:

First of all could someone explain the expansion and absorption technique with the cone and what is meant by the projection that results?

First, you should know that in my opinion, this question cuts to the most pivotal of functional points regarding development in Zonule Work. For more information, please read the “explanation,” i.e. The Exegetikos.

What is being absorbed in the Zonule is a form of energy called Shakti. In its usage here it is not to be confused with a picture, notion, living woman, or bronze statue with large breasts. It is a particular form of energy which can be conducted into our body/minds. We are always conducting a form of it or we would soon be dead. The distinction here is that it is a particular form of the energy which we seek.

Example usage: I sit on my Dragon Seat and use mantras to create the conditions to absorb and Work with this energy in my Zonule.

The first part of the Work is to be able to conduct and absorb this energy. If this can be accomplished we can move on to the second part. By the power of our Will, Iccha Shakti, we can expand the Shakti beyond the boundaries of our physical body.

If this can be accomplished, we can attempt projection of the Prakash Shakti to interact with the triad of people, things and ideas. Please see the Exegetikos link above. It explains this very well.

Also in the same text it is mentioned that when the four elements are present the fifth one which is the will becomes manifest / strongest. I thought that the fifth element was ether or space. Is there a relationship between will and space?

I will tell you straight up, though it may sound like a puzzle. The fifth element is the ether, know in Sanskrit as Prakash. The Iccha Shakti or Will makes the Prakash Shakti tangible.

On the issue of “space,” if one has deep relation with the Shakti, one comes to understand that there are levels of mind where the concept of space is very different. This is an aside related to your query above, so don’t get reefed on this. Seek and experience for yourself.

A mantra remains a sound vibration. If one uses a mantra with the intention to experience and understand the simple complex of ideas presented here, one can come to understanding and Attainment rapidly.

So Raktabija, you have been shown the map and where to dig. You must be credited for pointing this out, as on practical levels you have cut to a rich and correct point. X marks the spot.

Fine Regards,


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