Yogi Digambara

Yogi Digambara

Sivaduti Yantra

Yogi Digambara
(the naked hermit)

I shun yet cannot hate mankind,
For hatred hath no peace of mind:
In simple shelter, living nude,
With simple food, and solitude;
Forgetful of the days gone past,
In peace to be alone at last.

A hut to keep out wind and rain,
This poverty has been my gain;
No creeds or politics so crude
Shall here disturb my solitude.
Away from men and human herds,
My friends the squirrels and the birds.

But now and then, a sincere soul
Will make my little hut his goal
And will the worldly life refute
And find peace with the absolute
And have all joy and happiness
With guru, god, and naturalness.

-Shri Dadaji Mahendranath

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