Twilight Yoga II

Twilight Yoga II

Dadaji in kutir near Vatrak River

~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Magnum Opus of Twilight Yoga



In the Primordial Aeon, the lotus flower of our Yoga came to bloom
Illuminating hermitages of the Himalayas and caverns of Mahachina.
Thus, the Cosmic Archons of the galaxy smiled, happy to behold
That humans had discovered the way of escape from rebirth bonds,
And the numinous rites of transit to reunite with the Divine Essence.
Then Ishvara the ruler proclaimed a new Aeon for all Mankind.
Never again will humans domesticate another wild animal;
Never again will mankind breed the same way as beasts;
Never again will the Cosmos be an imponderable mystery;
Never again will mankind be debarred the Cosmic Oracle;
Never again will bondage on Earth remain so permanent;
That joy and praise will vibrate among both Gods and men,
While the Magick of Shambhala will permeate the Galaxy!

Then said the Goddess Maya, “My illusion is no less because of this;
First, they must remember, then find the key, and then escape—
For the world is a labyrinth, and few will find the egress.
But for Yogis and Yoginis, Athanasia will ever be possible.”

Archaic, tried, and tested and still so valid,
The twilight Luna cult of our primordial past;
In the New Aeon reject past muddled fragments,
And into the rubble of the dark age be cast.


The earth, on which we live and think we die,
Is a dark and dusty alchemical laboratory of transmutations
Where we prepare in the school of life to become worthy
And fit for a greater destiny of real life in the universes:
Yoga is the Alchemagick to prepare and make this possible.
Enjoy human life, if and when you can, but do not fail to learn
So that when the body has ended its lifespan and falls away,
Spare a moment so you can say, “This is where the real life re-begins.”

Dark goes to dark, light goes to light: this is natural law.
There are obstacles to the path of light which we can overcome,
This is the esoteric secret of Yoga, for it is the only known method
To escape the traps which drag us back to rebirth once again.

Usha (Aurora) follows fast upon the dark of night to make
The Twilight and its grace to spark the mind of man awake.
And what if we are charmed by the softness of its light
Which rearranges puzzles and new plans to come aright.
Await the sun when fiery steeds go down horizon slow,
Another Twilight World expands the weirdest of Weirdglow.

Yoga is the transformation of the mind complex and its activity.
The helixform path of Magick leading to higher spiritual levels;
To vanquish the conditioning and habits inflamed by civilization,
Restoring our original nature and magick charisma of Divinity
By union of the individual Spirit with the Supreme Atman.
Yoga presupposes that the Supraconscious mind retains the memory
Of its divine origin and vast potential of its magick power,
But the conscious mind obstructs and causes it to forget.
And illusion dominates a life in which clarity should rule.
Thus, the lives of people become dominated by religion and dogmas,
Customs, media and illusion ideology which become obstacles.
And truth is buried beneath the garbage of society and life,
While our spiritual past is obscured by layers of forgetfulness.

Yoga is the process, and the goal is return to the One Absolute.
It is the spiritual Magick-Alchemy, independent of religions.
Its process and methods are based on cosmic natural law.
It has its parallels with the findings of modern science;
So patterns of our ancient past becomes science of the future.
Its motif is fluid because Yoga has no fixed rules or dogmas;
Only a wisdom base is the matrix to guide and help the shishya.
Thus, experiments and guidelines must be adapted and used
To assist one to find their own individual system of harmony.
Yoga is an integral part of the Pagan Magick way of life.

Although the main surviving inspirations are either Hindu or Taoist,
It was also found in our past Pagan life and phantasmagoria.
Yoga is the tetragram which Asia gave to the Western world;
The four-lettered word which politicians dare not use,
The Astrolabon Argentum (A∴A∴) pointing a way to the stars;
A capsule to traverse black holes into pulsating presence.

A perfunctory glance at Yoga may not excite abnormal wonder
Yet it was the science which gave spiritual power to India and China
And established a fantastic zone of energy par excellence.

Yoga is the attainment of the Supreme Cosmic Essence.
Yoga is the dynamic power potential of all modern Magick.
Yoga is the complete conquest of the powers of darkness.
Yoga is the awakened mind free from entanglements.

If you suffer from hyponoia, this manuscript is not for you.

God labors while you kneel and pray;
Makes things grow while you only play.
If mankind could behave like God,
Then Avalon would be on Earth;
But if God did behave like men—
Chaos, disorder, and what then?

Familiarity and usage turns the nicest things to boredom;
The miracles of years ago have become the clutter of today;
These things have not changed, but our attitude towards them has.
This is because they never had any very deep or real meaning.
Their value was only as fantasy scenery and now forgotten.

That which is eternal retains its value forever and ever;
It is the Supreme Substance and eternal life continuum.
It neither rots in the ground nor can be reduced to ashes;
But humans do not know where it is or whence it goes,
Nor how it came to be here, or if it is really here at all.
Born in mystery, live in paradox, released to nowhere;
Adrift in a vast cosmos where there is neither up nor down.
The mere words God, Soul, Atman, Spirit are all derogatory,
For that which is all the names is without a real name,
A something, somewhere which defies all our descriptions,
An unmanifest which manifests in all and everything.

Will and imagination form the two wings of our Kingdom
To be the basis of all power, attainment and transmutation;
It is the world and way of the strong-minded and determined,
And an insight which wraps us in Weirdglow and wonder.

Don’t think about it if it worries or disturbs you;
No other cosmic problem so destroys a spongy brain.
Yet its difficulty is because of its sheer utter simplicity.
Small enough to go in the pocket, if only it were large enough,
A moments flash of thought when you have no time to linger.
Paradox par excellence, the problem which will solve itself.

When Thanatos arrives, the hour glass of your life-span to reveal,
And now a wandering wanderer through the Galaxy God gave:
By power of Goddess Tripura, assault the three cities of woe
And the rubble of konditioning, karmas and kleshas now dust,
So cosmic architects can remold them into new suns of fire.
Yet this world of Yoga is blocked to most “civilized” human beings
Until they have progressively overcome the dark, diabolical trinity.
The three impedimenta fungoid growths of our past and present.
They are Konditioning, Karmas, and The Five Kleshas,
The KKK matrix wherein man’s inhumanity to man ferments.
The contamination which matures and congeals to delusion;
Just as Nature turns the richest foods into foulest ordure,
So we are born in chains which thicken and become more heavy.

Self-study—critical probing,
Personal analysis of defects
Plus good qualities, if any.
Five questions to answer.
Do this when in solitude.

*Why was I born?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
Why this involvement?
What should I do now?

Ishvarapranidhana means resignation to the Galactic Ruler.
Ishvara (Ruler) is a Sanskrit term to indicate Shiva, God or OM.
As fire is known by its heat, OM is known by great energy vibes.
Although individual effort is essential in our Twilight Yoga,
Resignation to the Divine brings about down pouring of grace—
For a spiritual path is negative without a spiritual attitude
And no man or woman can succeed without this Divine aid.
Thus, the grace of macrocosm gives success to the microcosm.
Our Guardian Spirits can help the more in these vibrations.

Concentration, Meditation and Contemplation are the rites,
The triune track triumphant and Yoga’s trivalent triangle.
But before we can settle down to their practice and purpose,
We must understand the impedimenta polluting the mind.

Yoga in its essence is our attitude to God and the world,
But civilization does not encourage us to escape its patterns,
Least of all, the relaxed mind required by Yogis and Yoginis.
Konditioning is everything we are taught and required to accept.
Although it need not always be bad, but usually is so,
To become super brain-swill impressions buried in the mind,
These relate to politics, religion, conduct, class and morals;
First implanted by parents, then teachers and news media.
Not everyone surrenders and a minority do learn to think.

We are conditioned to accept nationality and even parochialism,
And the superstitions of the fathers are inherited by the children;
Things we are taught to live for and even things to die for.
Few break away from these bonds, and few even want to;
It is easier to float with the stream than go against it.
As society becomes more complex, the konditioning becomes harder.
Konditioning occupies a high percentage of our life and thought,
To become the routine establishment, we must not question.
This is the world of robotniks, not to bother and never to think.
Hardly the soil in which Yoga and attainment can flourish.

Yoga requires a revaluation of confused patterns of our thinking;
Relaxed mind without inhibitions, restraints, and over-activity;
One-pointed projection on the chosen image symbol of attention;
Counting, holding the breath, helps for soft, relaxed concentration.
Meditation becomes the calm continuity of retrospective think,
Keep the mind awake for trance and sleep yield you nothing.
Then you will become ready for real Yogic contemplation.

Because you have been reborn so many times in the past
An understanding of karma helps us to control the future.
Karma is the energy of life brought about by physical and mental
Action, bad or good and causing inevitable results in a future rebirth.
But some may mature during the present lifetime of their maker.
The Sanskrit word karma means, “results of doing.”
All actions first occur in mind before they become physical.
Karma is bad if it involves harm, loss or suffering to other beings.
Thus, positive welfare thoughts and actions generate only good karma
And can overcome bad karmas brought over from previous lives.

The Five Kleshas
The five pain-bearing obstructions,
The root causes of trouble and strife:
Ignorance, Ego, Repulsion, Attachment & Clinging To Life.

The entire Magick structure of our fantastic Twilight Yoga
Is rooted in The Five Kleshas (Sanskrit term for obstructions).
They are the cause of all the miseries and afflictions of life.
The vast mass of mankind live and suffer through these defects,
And they must be understood before real practice can begin,
For nothing can be attained until the mind knows these obstacles.
They are impediments to Yoga, happy life and cosmic harmony.
Unless they are controlled, we will always be frustrated
From entry to the Twilight Zone between two worlds.

Ignorance: non-science, untrue, bogus, illusion, delusion, lack of awareness of reality or the real, unenlightened, backward. It is also the ground in which the four other kleshas fertilize. Thus, ignorance is when we think the unreal is actually real; that matter is the ultimate or only important real substance; mistaking religion, dogmas or superstitions for spirituality. When we think in terms of “I,” “I am the body,” “this is me.” Ignorance is absence of knowledge of the spirit of man.

Ego: the “I” or “me-maker,” the opinion we have of ourselves, but one that is seldom shared by others. An imagined personality. Mistaken identification of nature, mind and spirit as the body. To identify oneself with worldly life, the body and the senses. Arrogant conceit is often a cover to hide one’s inferiority. Real men and women have no need to advertise themselves. Ego is a mask we wear to try and hide and veil what we are.

Repulsion: aversion or repulsion to people, things, or ideas. Its counterpoise is obviously a state of equipoise-neutrality. The true nature of the Spirit (Atman) is non-discriminating. Aghora (Lord Shiva) means nothing is horrible in itself.

Attachment: possessiveness, ownership, liking, attraction. Attachment to people, things, and ideas. To join, connect or associate ourselves with something. “This is ours.” “This is mine.” Attachment in its negative sense to things we cannot own or keep. Often the cause of quarrels, violent conflicts and even war. Expressed also as race, nationality, my country, my money. Attachments can only have free play on lower mind levels.

Repulsion and attachments are two sides of a single coin. Their obstacle value can be impediments which may be overcome by contentment, neutrality, tranquility, and knowledge.

Clinging To Life: fear of death. Desire for body continuity. Though most of human life is pain, misery, sickness, and woe, delusion gives most people an abnormal desire to live. The other four kleshas help to strengthen the delusion. Every living body has a limited life-span to live on Earth and humans are no exception to what are but natural laws.

It is easy to see that The Five Kleshas are interlinked defects, as each one reacts and relates to strengthen the others.

The Super Yogi of our Pagan present has devised this analysis:
Kleshas, the ob-blocks, flourish as the main evils of our life.
They belong to the plane of matter and cause endless rebirth.
Not until the spirit is free of these delusive ob-blocks
Can we know the freedom and bliss of our Twilight Yoga.

Impediments of the mind are the obstacles to our attainment.
Yoga is the Magick Alchemy and method of the Magnum Opus.
Every cell of the brain, each zone of the mind a quantum of Magick!

The Yogi-Magician has become free from karmas, kleshas and konditioning. Liberation and enlightenment has now at last been attained. Thus, the self-realized Yogi-Magician merges into the One Supreme and will never again be reborn into life on this earth.

The Apotheosis of the Yogi

So, Yogis work your wonders of this Magick Twilight Path.
Rise high above all things mankind attains and joyful laugh.
The whirl of restless mind is stilled by concentrated power.
Awake, for meditation is the lovely lotus flower.
Relaxing in the calm of contemplation, freedom gain,
One with Eternity, now far beyond rebirth and pain.

The Swan arise, awake and now to spread celestial wings;
Sip milk and leave the water and a million magick things.

The Moon-Drake of the Dawn must call the cygnets to the nest.
Then they, in turn, Supreme become and pass the Lune-Lake test.
And though a million trillion twilight hours do move away,
The wisdom passes on and on and still is ours today.

Yoga must teach us how to live and also the art of dying.
Most people die unprepared for death and a future world.
Little need be added or discussed by us in this manuscript.
It is dealt with in code in The Tibetan Book of the Dead.
The only thing the reader will quickly detect in this work,
Is that all Gods, Goddesses, etc., arise from the subconscious,
As do the light or dark environments of the other worlds.
Our goal in life or death still remains “The Primal Light.”
So let not heaven or hell, paradise or plenum be a prison.

Remember, it is attainment we want, not a new round of activity.
Yoga must be capable of transforming us into something different,
And not a mere pastime to relieve us of depression or boredom.
Do not, therefore, try to make it into something it never was.

Twilight Yoga elevates the status of mankind and our divine potential.
Human beings possess immense powers if they would only develop them.
For we have inherited the divine spark and energy of our progenitor,
But without will and imagination, few have the gift of attainment.
The illumination of Yoga reveals all this and justifies the practice.
Thus, slaves and serfs who know not this remain in darkness.
Dark the minds which hate others, but darker more if we hate ourselves.

Mantras will greatly help many to progress in Twilight Yoga,
And Yantra designs can assist you to concentrate more softly,
But civilization is the jailer, and few are they who get away.

Experimental work relating to one’s individual experience in Yoga
Is essential if we are to keep it in control for rapid progress.
Ninety-nine percent of what is written in books is unreliable.
Only the guidance of a spiritual Guru can supplement it.
Use your own individual experiences, experiment and effort,
But you must relax the mind and body and take it gently.

We cannot explain why people prefer to remain in human bondage,
Seek crude entertainment, diversion, drink, drugs and forget,
But five percent in every generation have the right potential,
And it is for them the Lords have labored to help them escape.
Will is the faculty of power, determination and divine catalyst;
While imagination is the faculty by which we reach beyond ourselves;
For our yoga magick patterns must take us beyond all routines.

Yoga cannot be studied in schools except for ideas and guidance.
No two people have identical konditioning, karmas or kleshas.
Therefore, all practical work must be related to the individual.
Thus, the grace of God removes us from patterns and all dogmas,
Regimentation, congestion, crowds, crutches and creeps.
The blank card game is best when played in solitude.

Kailash has a vantage point which is an advantage to residents.
Far below, in different corners of the sordid dusty earth scene,
A yogi was lying on a bed of nails and muttering mystic mantras.
Another suspended large stones from his genital, for God’s sake.
A larrikin was sitting in cold snow wrapped in wet sheets,
And another was rushing across the plain at a phenomenal speed,
While another levitated across the river to save ferry fare.
One was unseen because he had himself buried in the ground.
The Goddess, having observed these things leaned towards Shiva.
“What is it all for and who is mad?” She whispered.
Shiva smiled, “I was just going to ask you the same question.”

No mantra or yantra is better than sitting at the guru’s feet.
Wisdom comes not by prayer but from guidance by the guru.
No deity can be a substitute for that which the guru teaches.
When the guru is naked or wearing only a ragged piece of cloth,
He is the form of Shri Dattatreya, the greatest of Gurus.
He teaches the pathway whereby the goddess is reverenced
And that nectar of tantric touch to awaken the spirit.
Of all things, this is most profound and the Law of the Cosmos,
For the Avadhoot prevails forever against dark forces
And the amoral way of Weirdglow forever is supreme.


Imagination is the only way we can veil human ignorance
And imagination is the only way we can create better.
When the mind is inert, it is asleep or unconscious,
But when alive with imagination it can achieve anything.
Imagination can explode into the far depths of space,
Or can be imploded to condense within ourselves.
Out or in, no time or distance can restrict or limit it.
Imagination made the energy to create many universes
And can also be the great dynamic power to destroy them.
Imagination is the energy of yoga magick ready to use.
When you desire it, it will come and saturate your mind,
But when dull or sleepy it will evaporate away.

Our fantasy can mold a new design,
The winged white horse imagination rides,
Then spreads its wings as energy explodes;
Matter and Spirit part as God divides.
The winged white wind horse rides eternity;
A new star now does burn beyond the sun;
Somewhere a Yogi has the Weirdglow won
And all his earthly chores have now been done.

India has a wonderful record for ways of spiritual modes and methods.
Yet in recent decades the hush has become unbearable,
And the light of wisdom vanishes beneath technological crust
And even the priests of the sanctum become political predators.
But Yoga’s crepuscular cosmopolitan character is truly cosmic
And now it has spread to germinate in many other lands;
For this is how the Lords of Light always wished it to be.

For the Law of the Cosmos has devised that the Natha sadhus,
And the Magick and Gramarye Initiates Knights of Shambhala (MAGIKOS)
Be the highest attained and the gurus of Twilight Yoga.
Thus, the esoteric magick of our pagan kingdom will endure.

Yoga must ever retain the fabulous fantasy of our magick world
By developing the power of the will and wonder of imagination.
If we ever sink into the routine trivia, the boredom of sleep,
We will have retreated into the darkness of ignorance.
Magick, imagination, fantasy, and even the most bizarre patterns
Spring only from the abstract heights of human intelligence.
You cannot be told how to do this; it must come from within.

Sometimes you must create your own environment phantasmagoria—
Sensational robes, nakedness, decor, delight, dark or color,
Nonsense names, amphigory, hyperbole and rainbow rhetoric.
An extravaganza of imaginative patterns fit for the Divine.
In ludicrous life and in civilization which is a conspiracy,
Our quaint quantum of quality explodes the giant quasars,
For the sorcery of the Eternal Enchanter is unlimitable.
Those entering a new aeon must develop five new senses.

For the Yogi who has imbibed the delightful Nectar of God
Enjoys immortality; no other drink can ever taste so good.
Now our brightest star develops into insight-intuition,
While awareness and wonder sparkles with new thinking
And the Guardian Spirit is much nearer than before.
We are filled with surprise, why did we not see it sooner
Or why had we forgotten the nectar of immortality!
This is our magick circle and gateway to the universes.
Make it as lovely as fantasy and imagination can.

You are entering a magick kingdom where everything is possible,
Yet there will ever remain things hidden from lesser mankind.
For if siddhis and magick powers were gifted to the bad,
The harm they may do will recoil on the donor who gave them.

Yoga propounds no rules of sex abnegation; food fads are absent,
But Yoga is always based on a path of intelligent moderation.
Not eating sufficient can be just as bad as eating too much.
Simple life does not mean the denial of modern invention,
Medicine, or other facilities which are useful or needed.
Simple life does not mean wearing skins or living in caves.
Our ancestors did this only because of want of know how.
Some things are basic needs, and others are useless wants.
The yogi knows the difference and shows discrimination.

The yogi seeks the equipoise between the opposites of life.
Those who seek neither night or day love the twilight.
Between happiness and sorrow, our world is unperturbed.
Neutrality is our stand in conflicting ways and events.
Weep not for the sorrow scene or lost in its pleasures;
For it is only a fool who lights a match to better see the sun.
Equipoise in success or failure is the hallmark of Yoga.

When the dark of night vanishes in the light of sunrise glow,
Cosmic space vanishes, and we become separated from it by day.
Then, when sunset time comes and the auspicious twilight begins,
We see again the vast cosmos, its living orbs of light
And the vast dark canopy on which they glow and sparkle.
Thus, these two twilight periods are special for all yogis
As the times when meditation and contemplation are best.
For this reason, we call our numinous path Twilight Yoga.

Shakti, the Goddess Lalita, creates the millions of universes;
Shiva protects them; while Kala makes to destroy them.
But the Natha as Guru liberates all manifold living forms.
Equipose, dynamism, inertia: three gunas are our play.
The veil of Maya obscures and obstructs our human life,
But it cannot forever hide the yoga of the way of liberation.
God is limited by ignorance but exalted by our wisdom.
Yogis remain aloof, unlimited by activity or non-activity.
Yoga is the ever-brilliant flame for everyone in bondage,
A celestial fire which may one day liberate mankind.
For those who follow the yogi develop his luminescence.
There is no philosophy, only Illumination-Mind-Expansion.

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