Cosmic Joy

Cosmic Joy


The Cosmic Dancer tripping through the stars
And round the zodiac with cosmic grace,
Eternal Dance of Dancer Infinite;
A cosmic stage expanding throughout space.

Do what you will, is still the only law;
Within yourself and in your bounds a king;
Not to cause harm to other living beings,
But to and of yourself—do your own thing.

The rules of men and monsters to ignore,
Of kings and clowns, their bondage to reject;
For only men and women who are free,
Can ever be immortals and elect.

The mini-minds to heaven turn their eyes
And though they know not why, do speak a prayer;
The silent canopy of space is deaf;
Keep on the treadmill and live in despair.

But now upon the Mother Earth is drawn
A Magick Circle of the zodiac
And people dance and in the twelve signs sing,
Again their Pagan way of life comes back.

Back to the Pagan way of life again,
To play with life as child plays with toy;
Householder’s life as it was meant to be—
Immortal Pagan life in cosmic joy.

Since life is short, enjoy it while you may,
Imbibe of pleasure till your days are done,
To make the best and most of your life span,
But no attachment hold to anyone.

~Shri Dadaji Mahendranath

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International Nath Order
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