Nath Keywords

Nath Keywords

Dhruvanath after sadhana, ashes on forehead, holding trishul
Sri Dhruvanath

The Five Kleshas have been touched upon a number of times, and rightly so. Insight into the way we habitually maintain our kleshic “reality bubble” is essential to the long process of finally letting it go. Relaxing our grip on the Kleshas makes room for a new… yet eternal… more expansive spiritual awareness to shine forth. Full and permanent dissolution of the Kleshas must wait until, having attained Cosmic Awakening, you also dispense with your body. So, the Five Kleshas are a useful set of terms to explain what an Awakened State is not. As a corollary, also worthy of reflection are the handful of “keywords” that describe what an Awakened State is. These keywords are beacons which we find sprinkled through the Scrolls of Mahendranath. They are: Sama, Sahaja, Svecchachara, and Samarasa.

Briefly – Sama means balance, equipoise. Sahaja means naturalness, ease, divine joy born of deep harmony with the Cosmos, “going with the Flow.” Svecchachara means thinking for yourself, doing one’s authentic Will, free from dogma or conditioned ideas absorbed from others. Samarasa means the state of perfect yogic assimilation of microcosm and macrocosm, the bliss of attainment which continues undisturbed after samadhi is finished, or one could say, the magnum opus of twilight yoga.

Just as the Five Kleshas do not exist independently of one another, but are interconnected aspects sprouting from a common source, the four keywords are also aspects or characteristics of a singular state of Being. From the standpoint of a divine mindset, these qualities are are self-evident expressions of the Divine Wisdom Stream. Their practical value as keywords is more for those of us emerging from the world of the Kleshas. They can serve as reference points to align our mind into a better configuration for Cosmic Vibes to break through, and to help stabilize degrees of Awakening when it takes place. As such, they reveal their power more when combined together, rather than each standing alone. (This synergy is also true of other keyword groupings used by Naths, i.e. Insight-Intuition-Imagination, Will-Knowledge-Action, People-Things-Ideas…) That said, although they function together, building a working affinity with each keyword individually is important and worthy of focus and contemplation.

I’ve found it valuable to make a point of thinking about the keywords while experiencing “expanded consciousness,” for the purpose of imprinting a bit of the essence of each keyword into my brain cells. It comes in handy as a set of magic seeds for conjuring the Zonule next time around. Merging them together into one energy is a compelling way to put forward one’s offering.



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