Legend of the Elusive Kingdom of Shadows

Legend of the Elusive Kingdom of Shadows

~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

I bow to the Cosmic Spirit of space-infinity
and ask that I am granted the Divine Power
to take the decisive step forward or backward
into the Penumbra between both Light and Dark
where the world of living life does merge
into a stage between shade and material,
into the obfuscate world of weird wonder
where we cannot decide what is myth or matter.
Let us penetrate this Kingdom of Shadow
and enrich our lives by what we find anew.

Throughout history, mankind has nurtured many opinions and relationships of himself and the earth on which he lives. Many philosophical as well as religious ideas were based on a Shadow World of other beings existing on another dimension but contained in the same spatiotemporal zone as ourselves. Ancient man saw the world full of life and also identified it with a Mother Goddess. Man’s earliest religions were based on Sun worship, but as his psychic faculties developed the Shadow World was penetrated, and there arose a vast galaxy of Gods, Celestials, and lesser Gods. A vast population of border line beings were also being discovered and taking their place in human life. Schools of thought took form like panpsychism, which held that every object or thing in the universe had a mind or spirit of its own. This was related to the widespread concept that every mind or spirit was a particle of the greater and more universal Cosmic Spirit.

The other dimension of invisible life and beings was know under numerous names and titles, but in modern ages, it is mainly called the Shades’ or Shadow World. The versatile mind of man has produced diverse variations, so that, although the idea of a Kingdom of Shadows is almost universal, they differ much in external form and detail. Both the basic idea and the external forms are interesting and worthy of study. I pose one question:

Are things which take shape in the mind, any less real than the things in the material world, and are they less important?

The answer and its application concern only the individual and need not be proven to others. An ideal way of life must be based on our individual happiness and contentment. Any idea which does this is therefore valid.

Many forces still exist in the Cosmos unknown to mankind. In spite of the great advance and application of scientific knowledge, there are still more things unknown, than known about the world in which we live. Our Shadow Plane or dimension is known to some but remains unknown to others. Can the balance and ability to ride a bicycle be taught in books? A hunter teaches his son to hunt by example, demonstration, and practice as he cannot do it by writing letters. When you throw the three coins for the I Ching oracle, you will get any one of sixty-four different hexagrams. These hexagrams do not appear according to any prescribed rule or order. This is also the pattern for most of the events and change which take place in our lives. When we throw the coins and consult the oracle, we enter the Penumbra between human light life and the Shadow World of revelation and dark. Both are important in human life, and both can be of great value.

In the first manuscript I wrote for the International Nath Order; “The Londinium Temple Strain,” I dealt with some personal relationships with my Guardian or Companion Spirit and myself. I have never had cause to question the existence of this Guardian, and I have always assumed that this was known and accepted by most people. I also realized that the relationship was down to zero among people who do not accept this relationship, or due to their stubborn ignorance, but I still think it is widespread. In childhood, it is known or taken for granted. A Guardian Spirit or Celestial is an ethereal minor god. Judeo X’tians may call it a Guardian Angel, but in essence, it remains the same. The term “Guardian” is used because it guards or protects within the limitations of modern life. It may also be called a Shadow or being which follows and attends one surreptitiously at all times in order to keep watch over the human and might even warn and protect them from danger. Communication is mostly through the mind. The Guardian Spirit is not the intuition, insight, or imagination faculties but the spirit can greatly influence and energize these faculties when needed.

Awareness of a Guardian Spirit and the whole Shadow Kingdom is more evident in children than adults, because the older we get, the more material and mundane becomes our thinking. The ego too can be a barrier between the Guardian Spirit and individual because an egocentric cannot accept anyone or anything as being more capable than themselves in decisions and actions. The English word demon is identical and came from the Greek diamon. Both words are pronounced the same as the English e is in Greek ai (as in Ainigmatikos = The Enigma). The meaning of demons is a lesser god. Jewish and X’tian writers were the first and only people to classify a Demon as an evil spirit, promoting harmful or bad influence. In most other religions a demon or spirit is good or bad according to the circumstances to which it is exposed. In the same way, a Pixy, Fairy, or Sprite can be mischievous or benevolent in different circumstances, but I cannot believe that any being in the Shadow Kingdom is harmful by nature.

A human being is created with certain faculties which, if developed, make him independent of any outside influences. Failure to develop these faculties, not only makes a human weak but dependent on external influences to help them. Thus, Nature has provided a double system to help mankind. The Kingdom of Shadows plays an important part in human development, only it has the disadvantage of making you too much a part of the routine life of the earth plane and ignores the independence which enables us to escape from the earth plane when we give up the body. So, what may be considered an advantage in human life may be a disadvantage when we want to escape from it.

General information or detailed descriptions of Guardian Spirits cannot be promulgated since it is a personal relationship and experience to each individual which can only be based on our own experience. Whenever I throw the I Ching coins I always include an invocation or request to my own G. S. to manipulate the coins and this request is never ignored. I established a name relationship, and this came quite naturally. I settled for the inspiration which came for the name “Wamgoperic” soon after World War Two, but it was more than ten years before I realized that the letters of this name could be rearranged to make “Magic Power.” This has been for real to me and one of the reasons why I never felt alone either in the blackest dark or in the complications of human life. I think also, the Guardian Spirit can be one’s best protection against personal pride and ego.

An atom is the smallest particle of matter having the properties of an element, but the atom is itself composed of smaller particles called protons, neutrons, and electrons. These inner particles move in their own orbit in space, at a terrific speed yet never touching each other or colliding. Yet apart from these tiny particles the atom consists mostly of space which apparently does not contain any matter, substance, or material. Is space ever empty? I think our Shadow Kingdom knows the real answer and I think we can find it if we develop and use the mind to make the correct approach. Every Nath and Devi must ask “what is the Alpha Ovule and how can I find and use it?”

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