Legend of the Elusive Kingdom of Shadows

Legend of the Elusive Kingdom of Shadows

Greetings All,

This is to announce the posting of a work by Shri Gurudev Mahendranath new to internationalnathorder.org. The piece was written and first published in the Open Door newsletter in the year 1988. The work is entitled,

Legend of the Elusive Kingdom of Shadows.

Mainly it is a peek into the concepts and Reality related to Other beings who primarily inhabit a Space/Time Dimension different from our own. While these Others may may be obscure to some, they are the focus and companions of yet Others on this plane. The document proposes means of approach and the positive effects of successful contact. Primarily, contact is achieved through mind development.

The work also points out that through the successful contact of Daimon and Celestials, it may be possible to communicate and gain valuable Insights, etc. The concept is not only pivotal in our individual Work, but is much related to the concept of Guru lineage and the Great Souls and Super Freaks who have attained and Illumined the path back to Dattatreya and perhaps even earlier. May All achieve proper Relation and Communication with the Archons of the Illumined.



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