Address to the Sacred Stone Nation

Address to the Sacred Stone Nation

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

A Tribute and Guide to a Nation with a Great Future and the Magick Way of Life which can mean true Peace, Freedom and Happiness to the Plenteous People who populate Americana.

The Bizarre and Nuclear Paranoia of the Tension-filled year of 1985 was marked, in capital letters, by an unusual Cosmic vibration. From a N.W. seaboard town called Seattle in the state of Washington, probably so named to imply it is an important area in the U.S.A., I received a request from an advanced thinker who is a leader of Seattle’s beautiful and joyful occult community. This request was to inscribe an Address to the Sacred Stone Nation and the People who play within the delightful boundaries of Americana.

To a nation so advanced in technology, nuclear bangers, space flights, soft drinks and even jelly-bean flavored ice-cream; it may appear odd that an antique Yogi in ragged shroud and living in an impoverished fifth dimensional cell in the most backward of all the towns in India, should presume to write even a single word of guidance to the people of the Sacred Stone Nation. But a request is a request I do suspect, and not without reason: for the super economy par excellence of the world, is also a land where two evil and alien vibrations flourish like two black holes in an Earthly paradise.

One of these is the vacuum produced in the mind by a distorted sense of Spiritual and true amoral values. In this we cannot ignore the widespread sense of uncertainty because few people can find the correct answers.

The other vacant black hole is like a page torn out of a Science Fiction Fantasy Novel of a lurking monster in a far off Eastern fortress. The Beast has a computer conditioned mind to enslave the world and already its probing tentacles are digging deep into the Western Nations. The monster is paranoid and produces a paranoia in other peoples who want to be left alone.

These two defects are not without a solution and this Manuscript is written to suggest ways and means by which both problems can be solved or we can change ourselves and develop the power to overcome them. I do not think that there is any problem which mankind cannot solve if the correct methods are undertaken and adopted.

Sincere people have retained an idealistic view of India that is now remote. The India of Tantrika, the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita has long vanished in the mire of pseudo-education, bribery and corruption, government violence and an increase in dire poverty engulfing the people, more widespread and worse than in any previous period in Indian history. Real Sannyas and Sadhu life is no longer possible and the ocher robes are now the shrouds of beggars. India has been my home and mother for more than thirty years. I was born in London on the 29th April 1911. So at the moment I write these lines I have just passed the 74 mark. The decline in religious and spiritual life has occupied much of my thinking because a stage has now been reached where the wisdom and valued traditions will disappear entirely if some solution is not found. Since these things are now of so little value to Indians, I decided to formulate a Magick Order to develop in Western lands. I retired from Indian Public life when I reached the age of 70 and the whole interesting complex of the formation of the Western Nath Order must be related elsewhere. But suffice it to say that this Order has taken root in fertile soil and is now rapidly expanding.

Of the two alien vibrations which plague the American People I can but say little of the paranoid threat from the Kremlin political machine. The real solution can only be discussed with the people who are in a position to do something about it and effect a cure. Anyway, the Western Nath Order is non-political and I myself have spent a lifetime avoiding political alignments. Also as I myself have never followed any religion, I think it appropriate to stress that the Order draws its wisdom from countless sources and is in no way a Western form of Hinduism. I repeat again that there is a vast gulf between religion and Spiritual Life. One should not be mistaken for the other. The entire purpose of the Western Nath Order, as well as the Inner Sanctum of the Arcane Magick Order of Knights of Shambhala (A.M.O.O.K.O.S.) Is to offer Western people a guide to a new and different way of life, a new way of thinking, a practical way of joyful living, an expansive life and no fear of death. Its importance to the Sacred Stone Nation is that it will give the American people a team of powerful magicians who will use their ability for the weal and welfare of mankind.

No religious teacher has yet taught that the true values and practical results from real Spiritual Life must be based on your own clear contemplation and unconditioned thinking. This new and clearer thought is not based on social status or economic levels. Spiritual thought and thinking are based, as the word itself implies, on the Spirit—the Real Self which is imprisoned in a Human body and on the know-how which enlightens us to see this imprisonment and our true relation to the earthly plane. From this we develop to understand that rebirth based on attachment to this material and sordid earth plane is obviously undesirable. Fortunately, this flesh and bone capsule has a limited span of life and the essence of our way of life comes to fruition by the Spirit gaining its freedom. This freedom must be maintained by severing all connections and attachments to people, things or ideas which are of the earth plane and of earth-life, with all its fetters.

The Enlightenment or Awakening comes in a brief shining moment to the individual Natha. It is the reward for concentration, contemplation, and meditation on para-normal levels. With this delightful event the imprisoned splendor—the Cosmic Spirit—becomes separated from the earthly body and with this comes the realized experience of knowing that the Spirit and the body are two separate things and can even exist and work independently of each other, and not necessarily in the same place. Only when this stage is reached does the Spirit begin to assume its true potential and power. This experience of self realization or Awakening seldom, if ever, comes in one stage. At the time we may regard it as the final and ultimate; but the first phenomenon will later be repeated and several times but on a higher level. The transformation of a man or a woman into a God or Goddess can be both extended and complex. But even the first experience is Dynamic and you will never again be the same person you once were. These gradual developing stages are necessary because it is not easy for the Spirit to free itself at one stroke of a lifetime of attachment and conditioning. It can also be stressed; and this I firmly believe, that the actual Awakening, Experiences and Patterns of no two people will be identical. So all that a Natha can be given in manuscript or by a Guru can be guidance in the foundation principles. Individual application and experiment is necessary.

The Western Nath Order does not have any rules or dogmas but it is a Way of Life where the Nathas and Nathesses share their experiences and knowledge. Cosmic Harmony is the keynote. This atmosphere is intended to produce much laughter but no fanaticism.

While in India I have visited many Nath Ashrams, Temples and Hermitages. A lovely Guru of another Nath Sect who has his Ashram on the Teliti below Mt. Girnar became the only close friend I have had In more than thirty years in India. But with him and other advanced Yogis I have discussed and exchanged many magick secrets. I only met, in this period, three real Tantrik Gurus and all of them in the North. One of them, Shri Pagala Baba of Ranchi, was the chief Guru of the Uttara Kaula Sect. He Initiated me and when he died some years later the succession fell on me to head the sect. The sect had lay-followers but no other Sadhus. When I die the Uttara Kaulas as a sect will cease to exist and I myself have never given initiation to any aspirant. This Tradition also, will terminate in India but will continue with the Western Nath Order. At the Gorakshanath Ashram I was treated like a king. I would sit with an old Nath Sadhu mostly in silence, exchanging thought vibrations. When I spoke too much or asked questions he would say: “He who talks too much does not know; but he who knows does not speak.” The real Wisdom Sadhus seldom left India, never sought fame, disciples or publicity. They never preached, gave lectures or told other people what to think or Do. The best have died in obscurity. No, I should say that the body died for these were Spirits of the Supreme Substance.

Occult literature and life in the West have undergone many confused patterns, but the search has endured relentlessly. In a complex Cosmos there must always be the many versatile patterns to make up the vast superstructure on which occult sciences can manifest and mature. The individual must find the most relevant pattern themselves. The web has a thousand threads though there is only one spider.

1985 has been a year of tensions, terrorism and depression on all levels. No sane person can deny that we are at the crossroads and the old outworn patterns and relationships in society need to undergo a drastic change and transformation. This will be impossible without a New Amoral Order and a new positive thinking on higher levels. Ultimately these will have to be based on natural law and living. Mankind has veered too far away from his original unspoiled Pagan way of life, and the Peace, Freedom and Happiness which is often promised but never received.

Soon we will be at the end of the Twentieth century and enter a New Aeon. How this New Aeon develops depends only on the preparation mankind makes over the next few years. If we are prepared to change the methods of failure and adopt New Think we can have a new millennium of joyful happiness and peace. If the World needs an example to follow, the Sacred Stone Nation can be that example as a Guru Nation to all others.

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath
Shambhala Tapovan India
May 1985.

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