Gems from Mahendranath

Gems from Mahendranath

“If I were asked to state the main task of a Natha or Nathess, it would be to free the mind of the brainwashing and conditioning of society, teachers, and even parents, and think over aspects of the world and construct for themselves a way of life and a super lifestyle of peace, freedom, and happiness. Nobody, on their own, can do much to change the patterns and conditions of the world in which one lives, but our individual spiritual development and mental approach can do much to overcome the obstacles. See an ethereal, instead of a sordid material, environment; evolve to a state of mind and spirit as a barrier to – and to even evaporate – the elements of life which cause trouble, trauma, and tension for ordinary people. Only we ourselves can solve the enigmas and paradoxes of life, and in this, the mind/spirit plays the most important part.” ~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

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