Ganesh as Gatekeeper of Divine Consciousness

Ganesh as Gatekeeper of Divine Consciousness

The concept and utility of a gatekeeper inside of occult practice is primarily a point of focus which allows the individual “transition” from mundane awareness to Divine Consciousness.

The manner of approach is one of seeking permission. “Siddhi” in the worship or propitiation of a “god, devata, spirit,” is when said agency grants permission for success in the avenue or direction of the individual’s desire and intention for worship. We need not bother, wonder or worry if the “god” is real, hiding just out of sight behind the altar or ready to animate from its bronze stiffness. What is important on functional levels is the change of awareness which is experienced through our successful efforts.

In the mythology of Tantrika, Ganesh is the “son” and gatekeeper of his parents Shiva-Shakti. The “gods” Shiva-Shakti are also a code name for our Divine Consciousness. So, in another way of speaking, we may worship or propitiate Ganesh in order to gain entry to the Sanctum of Divine Consciousness.

Of course Ganesh and other Devatas are worshiped for various and other things. It is of some small interest, that Ganesh has two wives. One is named “Siddhi” and the other “Riddhi.” Thus, one hopes that pleasing Ganesh also makes his wives happy. Surely we are then in good company.

So, I suppose a gatekeeper could be looked at as yet another toll booth on the Celestial Avenue. It may depend on what road one is seeking to walk down. Somehow, if we are to gain access, we must somehow overcome that which obstructs us.

This is the only utility of practice or spiritual exertion. It may take the form of ritual and mantras or be done entirely with the mind. Rite, ritual, mantra and meditation are encouraged if you need to get on better terms with the gatekeeper.

I would propose that if Divine Consciousness was apprehended, the similarities and dissimilarities between all of the Gods and methods of Approach and Alignment would be reconciled in Cosmic Harmony.


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