Zen Lens

Zen Lens

Yantra hand embroidered by Rose Devi.
Bhagamalini Nitya Yantra

Sri Kapilnath

Deep in a distant dreamtime the Master sat in the stone courtyard of Phantom Hermitage and addressed the assembly. The Monks, Meditators, Mendicants, Morons, and Masochists had drawn together some hours before in order to get a good seat, and speculate among themselves as to the possible contents and nature of the evening discourse. Many looked to the Master as an image of enlightened understanding, but many more hung around just for good-luck and the desire to be a part of a colorful scene. “Each to their own level and all as it should be” was a phrase heard frequently around the hermitage. The Master was regarded as ideal by some, due to his attainments and the fact that he proposed no rules, prohibitions, or dogmas to the people. Instead, the Master nurtured the worthy among his people, but did not neglect to shower the less cultivated or intelligent with his love and blessings.

Unexpectedly, the Master remained silent, and this silence continued for some time. At first the silence created an atmosphere of intense anticipation, but this anticipation soon gave way to the shuffles and whispers of the assembly.

The Master spoke. “It remains a source of mystery to me that every night when I come out to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy a glimpse of the star lit heavens I find myself surrounded by a congregation of hooligans:” The assembly was surprised by his tone of voice but hummed and smiled with approval as they felt their Master was in rare form.

The Master continued, You may think that it is my easy going nature or willingness to accommodate that prevents me from issuing a code book of rules, prohibitions, and dogmas. Nothing could be further from the truth. A new social order, based on spiritual concepts and constructed for the benefit of mankind demands the broadest possible base as its foundation. The laws of mankind are designed for idiots and bandits, while the laws of the Divine Cosmos are appreciated and understood only by the wise.

In the past I have issued a plethora of guide lines intended to stimulate the thinking of the virtuous to higher levels. I use the word virtuous in terms of excellence, strength, and efficiency and not to reflect arbitrary moral values of time and place. In a “do what you will” world it is a rare virtue for an individual to focus their will to dissolve the defects and conditioning which plagues their own thinking or personalities and blocks their progress and attainments. Too many delude themselves by thinking like children and imagining that if they “do what they want” they will progress and attain. Some endlessly argue over external or intellectual concepts even to the point of wondering if there really is a path, or which one, and then wondering how it got away from them. Stubborn or dull people learn the slow way. It is the ordinary condition of human beings that few are able to be free from delusion. Usually people are enshrouded by their beliefs, obstructed by their doubts, slighted by their contempt, and drowned by their likes.

Once belief is biased or conditioned, people hear words but do not think about truth or reality. Eventually words or laws are issued which exceed the limits that are appropriate for the truth or reality. When doubt is extreme, people do not listen to words even if they are true. If this continues there is hearing or listening which misses the truth. I have encouraged you all to work together and help each other but the contaminations of biased and unenlightened thinking still binds many of you. A score of the right people working together could move mountains for themselves and the World.

Sad to say, but the obstructions of ego and self interest attacks even my Knights who sometimes seem reluctant to follow even simple guide lines of harmonious protocol in their dealings and communications with other Knights. When people disrespect others, they lose sight of their worthy qualities. When people like something, they will often keep people, things, or ideas around which should be kept at a distance. These are indulgences in personal feelings, often conditioned, without considering clarity of thought. These patterns lead us to eventually forget the Way of the enlightened ones and causes us to tarnish the heart of our Cosmic Community.

All can be repaired perhaps by the Magick Pentagram of the inner spirit caused by – Contentment, Equitability, Equanimity, Equipoise, and Equilibrium. But who among you will listen and who will succeed? Please remember, idle chatter or thoughtless activity is no substitute for meditation and its fulfillment in daily life as a new outlook, reality, and higher way of thinking. I sometimes think the essence of the matter lies in the will being true and allied to clarity, the practices being progressively refined, the perseverance being firm and sure, and the personal cultivation being completely purified. After that it is possible to benefit oneself and also benefit others. My Love and Blessings to you all.”

With that the Master returned to his room and shut the door, leaving behind a silent and thoughtful assembly. In no time shuffling and whispers broke out, as it seemed that the discourse held much for discussion. “Each to their own level and all as it should be.”

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