The Ultimate Promulgation & Pronunciamento

The Ultimate Promulgation & Pronunciamento

Hand written letter from Mahendranath


Dated Guru Purnima, 18th July in the Year 1989 A.D.

Be It Known that this day I wish to retire from all mental and physical activity of the International Nath Order and hereby hand over the duties of direction, instruction, and expansion to developed, loyal and noble people as follows:

These Chosen People are the most fitted to lead the I.N.O. and the Higher Sanctum Magick Orders of MAGIKOS and AMOOKOS and their instructions and decisions are final in all matters.

Shri Kapilnath (Sir John Pilskog), I appoint as Imperator Magus Mundi to have direction of the International Nath Order all over the world.

Shri Kumari Lalita Mataji, I appoint to have authority as Imperatrix over the Naths in all the lands within the national boundaries of Canada.

Shri Jadu Garudanath, I appoint as Imperator for America and to be Deputy and Helper to the Imperator Magus Mundi.

My Prem & Ashirvads to all members of the International Nath Order and Peace, Freedom and Happiness to All.

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