The Telluric Tablet

The Telluric Tablet

Mahendranath sitting on ground underneath tree, he is naked, rudrakshas around neck, smiling, looking up right.
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Telluric Tablet – A Guhyaguru Fragment

We bow to the cosmic radiance of Avadhooteshwara,
The lord of the emancipated; the Galactic Ruler
Who directs the Naths to the way of full liberation.

Three gods of India, all shared one name in common:
Shiva was called Mahendra, Vishnu was also known
As Mahendra, and Indra was also called Mahendra,
Because the meaning was Great Chief or Leader.
It also became the secret name of Brihaspati (Jupiter)
Who was called Mahendra Guru, the guru of the gods for
The gods were known to him, and he was known to the gods.
All this came to be because the gods love mysteries.
And they called Thursday Guruwar, the “day of the guru.”

Said Shri Sadguru Lokanatha the Avadhoota of Uttarkashi,
“I will give the name Mahendra and the Nath Diksha
That you continue the line of Shiva’s Naths. For we are
Called Adinaths because Shiva is the Primordial Lord.
And the rites and teachings may endure and continue
Into the Kumbha Yuga, when the gods will rule again,
And the way of the Naths will bless all the earth,
And there will be an Awakening among the people.”

Thus there came to be Mahendranath the Successor.

~Shri Dadaji Mahendranath

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