The Grimoire & Pseudologia of Lux Shambhala

The Grimoire & Pseudologia of Lux Shambhala

~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

In the dark days of the Matronea, who was called Gray Malkin and Zygote Queen, the sage Meru Ling, whom the Celts called Merlin, wrote down these words upon a tablet of precious metal and presented them to the Grand Kyklos of Shambhala and they were placed in the Shrine of the Holy Relics of the Aryon Gods.

And these were the words which the Lord Merlin wrote: “The Spirits of Anti-substance, invisible without the aid of mirrors.”

There is one Ruling Spirit for each planet, seven for the sun and three for the moon. Each day of the week is ruled by a spirit of a planet, the sun or the moon and every sign of the Zodiac is governed by a planetary spirit. But all are subservient to the goddess Lalita who rules the Cosmos and has a thousand names and aspects. To the magician, who has the magick power of the will, they can be subservient also. Then even the power of Megakill, the “demon of annihilation” is less than that of a child.

But the elementals, who can count the number for they outnumber the visible stars of heaven, the mountain peaks and the rivers of the world. They are weaker than wise men and must serve them, but they are stronger than fools and may even work their destruction. The work of a magician is the work of the strong. Let the weak retire if they can find a place to retire or hide if they can find a place to hide. For nothing yet has been inherited by the meek but tombs and graveyards.

In the aeon called Plethora, there was the vast expanse of brilliance which was called the Ocean of Milk. Then the gods and demons who represented light and dark churned the vast ocean and it contracted into star matter to form our galaxy which the ancients called Galakyklos or “wheel of milk.” Then the gods decided to place humanoids on the earth planet to control the elementals. But the humanoids most suitable for the climate existed only on the planet Aryon where the white humanoids had developed great power in atomic and nuclear science. But the gods feared this and their fears were soon to become a reality.

A nuclear charge got out of control and began to bore its way into the planet. As there had been considerable progress in space flight, some of the Aryon people managed to get away. Many were lost or died in space, but a nucleus landed on Earth and took over control of the lesser and inferior humanoids which already lived on the earth in primitive conditions. At first, they had the advantage of portable equipment and weapons but as the energy sources ran down and the instruments became broken, they did not have the complete knowledge of technology for repair or replacement. Thus, they in turn, were reduced to a simpler existence although they still knew methods of sanitation, medicine, agriculture, weaving and the working of metals.

The planet Aryon, which orbited between Jupiter and Mars, exploded into a million fragments when the nuclear charge reached the core of the planet. The Greeks also knew of this planet which they called “Phaeton.” It is now known as the asteroids. Its original inhabitants have given us our Aryan heritage and tradition. But did the Aryons actually forget their dangerous technology or did they decide it should be a secret and to be forgotten?

Of the elementals this must be revealed, for they are of five forms and dwell in the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and plasma. These are subdivided into two sections; those which have power only in the light and are good and those which have power only in the dark for they are evil. I will name many of them, and they will serve you, but you must first know the power of conjuration, the vibrations of the subconscious, the conscious and the supra-consciousness as well as those things which conduce to their control and aid. Those which are worthy will feed on the energy of your will, and by your magick power, they will take the form of gods. Some of them have lived on Earth in human form, and their nature endures according to the life they lived and the deeds they did. Thus, in this wise and by the transmission of your power they will never be elementals again and will rise on the planes of light until they become gods. But among the dark elementals, there is evil and ignorance so they remain what they are and cannot be raised to a higher plane. But their destruction destroys the darkness of evil and their molecular structure can reform again and only in this way can they progress.

Elementals do not have sex characteristics as do humans. They are born spontaneously according to certain energies and vibrations of the matter in which they live. They do not die but disintegrate according to the same rules when power energies and vibrations cause their molecular structure to break up. In spite of this, when they materialize to humans, they appear sometimes to be male and female. It is for this reason that their names and descriptions often designate them as masculine or feminine. But this must mostly be in the eye of the beholder.

Not every elemental can be conjured, and success is usually only with the further evolved of the species. Those of the light are more willing than those of the dark for the latter are mostly responsive if they think it to their own profit, and this generally means the expectancy to have power and domination over the conjurer. For this reason, they are most dangerous. Because of their nature they seldom, if ever, prove an advantage to magicians. If the magician can imprison them in matter, they will be helpful only if they can earn their release. To use these elementals for psychic attack on any human being can be very dangerous to all except an experienced and powerful magician. This is a province where students would be well advised to proceed with caution or avoid altogether.

Some people may find it easier to contact those elementals with which they were in contact or associated in previous lives. The link would still be considerable. It is also possible that what we believe to be our personal guardian spirit is an elemental contacted in a past life or one which has attached itself to us because of some affinity. It could also be that there is some system of allocating guides. We may not understand with accuracy the method, but the important thing is the relationship which can influence our present life.

Once the insight faculty is awake, we can get most, if not all the information we require and understand all the related and important values. But if you are not in harmony and lack not only insight but imagination and fantasy the task will be difficult. A magician’s power must depend on these things but ego, pride and selfish motives will destroy it. Light generates light and dark generates dark.

We do not really know if or whether the elementals actually have personal names but experience has shown that once we designate a name the elemental responds to it. Is this any different to the way we name children and how they grow up to respond and identify themselves with the names we give? Of course, there is no reason why a name should remain constant or not change from time to time. The example can be given of a Guardian Spirit which was known as “En to Pan” (all is one) in childhood but changed to “Wamgoperic” in adult life. This by rearrangement of the letters become “magic power” and in Western numerology has the number value 2. This is the number of duality, union, and change and is also represented by the Mother Goddess and the Moon. In association with 999, it has proved to be stabilizing and powerful. Such correspondences have become much confused, but their real clarity is better when our approach is more up to date and rises above medieval mysticism.

Like humans, there is considerable inequality among elementals for some have rank and power and maintain domain over vast zones or areas (as in the case of Planetary Spirits or Lords) and others who are subservient to higher elementals and do not even have rule over the matter or place which they occupy. But even such elementals can have collective power and even dominate an area, but more so when invoked by magicians. Some examples of this are crossroads, cemeteries, burning ground and lonely zones which are shunned or seldom disturbed by humans or large animals. In these places, the elementals may be numerous, but there may still be one or more dominate elemental of higher intelligence (perhaps cunning) which tend to become leaders and use the energy of lesser spirits.

The higher spirits of the world order sub-human are known by various names, and these often designate qualities or are associated with their nature. Thus, the name and letters, e.g. WAMGOPERIC can appear in any order, but the names of lower elementals of the sub-earth plane are always palindromic, that is to say the name can be spelled forward or backward and still remain the same. This may be due to the fact that they are of a cosmic order known as AMPHISBAENA, and really beyond to the “mirror” or reflected world or plane. A few examples of the names of such elementals are:

GOBLINILBOG: Who presides over the dust laden ladies’ loo. A loo was ancient English word which indicated a reserved place where only females were permitted to enter for the purpose of drainage or to deposit dung.
LIZARDRAZIL: Who materializes in a flagon of fecund foam and froth.
EXOTICITOXE: Who governs the entry of foreign elementals.
EROTICITORE: Who governs erotic play and sexual stimulation.
SALAMANAMALAS: Who materializes in fire and hot zones.
ATOMICIMOTA: Who dwells in strontium ash and fall-out.
GOBSBOG: The ruler of spittoons and cuspidors.
PETERETEP: Who delights in seeing people crucified upside down.
ANACONOCANA: The lord of oracle pythons and talkative serpents.
FARTSTRAF: Who delights in foul odors and dung gas.
LUPINENIPUL: Who dwells in the droppings of wolves and foxes.
YOKELEKOY: The elemental ruling village idiots.
DRAGONOGARD: The elemental which protects fabulous creatures.
ARSOLELOSRA: Those who function has not yet been determined.
TROLLORT: The elemental which lives underground.
IMAGOGAMI: The elemental which guards images.
POPEPOP: The elemental which haunts the poisons Vicars of Rome.

All these are conjured by the five elements and the will of the magician. With permission of the elementals, this will be continued.

Scryoscopy in Crystal Gonads – Hand and Foot Notes

The childlike approach is disastrous. Because people are looking for some mystery and often obscurity, they do not think, calculate or experiment. They are like lazy school children looking for answers which they can copy into their own notebooks, without having to think things out. Yes, this is disastrous. We not only absorb the mistakes and superstitions of others but are entering a dangerous realm when we have neither the correct knowledge or weapons.

There are psychic centers in the body to protect us. There are the Forces of Light to guard us. We have only to try to see and understand the great power which we have but which is mostly dormant. Thu,s it becomes a form of insanity to challenge elemental forces which we do not understand nor have the power to control.

Words of power occur in your own mother tongue because they need the response of the supra-conscious mind. This is the section of the mind which radiates the “forces of light” and is the catalyst in the transformation of the physical into the spiritual. Yet itself, it does not change. It transmutes the physical sensations of emotion, empathy, ecstasy, and joy into the spiritual powers of the Kaulas and Magicians while the delight and cosmic vibrations of uncontrollable orgasm becomes the generative force for this power. All the requirements for this Kaula Magick are found in the human mind and body. It is only our thinking which needs to change so that we can enter this higher way of life free from chains and inhibitions. Because this Arcane Science cannot be classified by modern societies we call it the “Amoral Way of Wizardry” for it is neither moral nor immoral but the way of nature.

Tablet 1005

Sit quiet and relaxed in your magick circle.
In the presence of the symbolic five elements.
Develop the insight and intuition faculties.
For without these you are without discrimination.
And the power of will is your strongest weapon.
For where there is no will there is a weak wand.
For wand and circle are the magick instruments to
Transform you and all your life and living.
It is called ecstasy, delight or joy.
Debased are those who try to live without it.

As personal guide to neophytes and to hasten their progress I wish to make a few points clear. A mantra used in your worship, magick work wonderland only becomes valid from one or more of three reasons.

1. That is has a harmonious sound vibration which you “feel.”
2. That is has a special meaning or association for you.
3. That it attracts you and you like to work with it.

Only for guidance, I must admit that the Sanskrit mantras HRING, SHRING, KLING, PARAMISHWARI SVAHA and OM MANI PADMI HUM, have mostly been used by me with great success. This is probably because they both have a very deep meaning to me. But I have also found others very effective. In Sanskrit, masculine mantras are prefixed by OM and feminine mantras by HRING. But you can make your own mantras and personal invocations. They can be in any language or mixed languages. Their power seems to be more concentrated when they are short and brief. There is a mystic alchemy here whereby you can transmute your own experience into mantras.

Tome 777

When you have a small collection of occult books which are your favorites, (even occult fiction) read them again and again and you will be astonished at the many interesting points you have overlooked and important points which you may have let pass unnoticed, and the new discoveries you will make. But for practical purposes, a mini library of only a few books will be better than a big library. Most people lose their way in our occult wonderland because they have too many books which become a confused wilderness where many things become known, but nothing is known well.

Puff Ball Plentitude 360 – 0

Always remember, star-born of my heart, that the British and most Europeans will have one foot in the magick circle and one foot in the normal sordid world. It is this one foot in the magick circle which enables them to live in the other segment. It remains their dream and hope of a more fortunate and less frustrated life than most have to endure. These two conflicting elements are stronger with the young. This is really our Celtic and pre-Celtic heritage which has retained the spiritual magick of Merlin but was also able to accept the pick and shovel life of Christian feudalism.

We live in a world where mankind is being led to believe he is becoming more “civilized.” This accounts for the crime, cheating, insanity, atrocities, terrorism etc., being developed and accepted to a degree unknown in previous history. Will mankind ever enjoy the full and peak development of “civilization” or will we all be dead? Before you die, appoint your successor and let him or her have the worry of these things and continue the search. But before you die, please remember to have a good laugh.

Warning: Don’t let the right side of the brain know what the left side is doing.

If you do not believe, do not dabble. Select from life the world of man or the world of the gods. If you love your brain-swilled and conditioned world, it will always betray you, but the Lord of Light will create new energies of joy for those who are sincere. Do not pretend and do not live in doubt. If you select our divine world and its joyful way of life, do not hesitate to exhibit your reverence and humility. Those who worship the gods on this earth and kneel in homage will themselves be worshiped in turn. Your only danger is insincerity. Do not enter the Kaula path unless you are determined to win the attainment which it promises and the joy and happiness it will reward you with. Do not play games with the true Divinities of this Universe or you will be punished in a thousand different ways.

Every man and woman is a Star, but the magnitude depends upon yourself.

Therefore, we grant, give and bestow the macrocosmic—microcosmic initiation and transmission to all who enter the grades and degrees of our arcane and esoteric order of Kaulas. This is the portal to the astral vault, the most sacred adytum, and the divine supreme awakening. This, therefore, is the transmission primordial of the most ancient eastern and western tradition for it belongs to the eternal and esoteric wisdom of Asia, Europe, and the Stars. In the initiation rites of God and Goddess, each enjoys the treasure which has been passed down in an unbroken line for more than five thousand years. The hagiocracy of the Cosmos have not failed! Therefore, to mark this auspicious event we bestow meaningful titles to the Aristoi of the New Aquarian Aeon.

Spiritus X03

Diabolicus Elementalis: The dangerous and amusing nature of elementals must be clearly understood. One of the best examples is how the elemental RAZOROZAR began to influence the life of Saint Sweeney Todd whose profession was to trim and embellish the heads and beards of London gentlemen. But through the influence of Razorozar, he also became known as the “diamond of fleet street” as he could cut anything. His life and work was supported by his Shakti known as Lovett Mataji. She helped to remove the by-products of his amusing life by working to feed the hungry. St. Sweeney died in the odor of sanctity and hair oil, but he became the Patron Saint of several razor gangs which were inspired by his work and operated in London and its suburbs. This is also a subject for meditation as it makes us realize how elementals can help to dominate the lives of dabblers.

Requiem 999

The battlefield, the blood, and gore
Will never call me anymore.
The lamp which once burned bright as fire
With time and age has lost desire.

For time no longer moves me to and fro.
One day the clock will signal me to go.
The plant, once young, is now a withered tree;
The burning ground a welcome calls to me.

Footprints on the ceiling—please investigate.

Look for it, and you will never find it,
Nor grope for what cannot be felt or seen.
But when you use it, you will find it there,
The Sacred Substance that has always been.

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