The Alchemy of Meditation

The Alchemy of Meditation

The path to OM is one you walk alone
Without attachments and the whirl of life.
In the silent solitude away from all,
The transmutation and transmission comes.
Levels of energy and power in man,
Which in the daily life are never seen
Or understood by people of the world.
Spring into life and tap the Supreme Source—
The Power which permeates the Universe—
An alchemy transforming lead to gold,
The baser substance of the world of form,
Into the ethereal spirit of the Absolute;
And worldly people into gods become.

Unlock the universe with this great key,
And in the silence, with the mind at rest,
The third eye sees the sights before unknown.
Thus, the impossible becomes the possible.
One sweeps away the galaxy of stars,
And throws them, one by one, into the pool
Of cosmic dust beyond all space and time,
Into eternity, where all dissolve,
Then recreate one by one again.

One who has bathed in the immortal flame
Observes renunciation of extremes.
Wishing or wanting nothing of this world—
Even the body and its imperfections—
Until remains naught but the pure white ash,
Never to come to rebirth anymore.

Thus, when all bondage is burned in the fire,
The imperishable, immortal soul
Is transmuted by its liberation
Into the substance of the Supreme Power.

~Shri Dadaji Mahendranath

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