Dedication into Our Cosmic Wonderland

Dedication into Our Cosmic Wonderland

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Fantasy Bridge between Sleep and Awareness

I dedicate my Mind, Body, Spirit and the Senses,
To the Cosmos, the Supreme Reality, the Absolute;
To Celestial Worlds, the Earth and the Moon;
To the kingdom of Magicians, Saints and Sages;
To the Wizards and Witches of Sorcery, Enchantment;
To the world of Gods, Demigods, Demons and Spirits;
To the Divine Harmony of Love, Joy and Power;
To lives I have lived and may yet have to live;
To the Teachers, known and unknown who have taught us;
To a life expansive, powerful, happy and free;
To the Cardinal Directions, North, South, East and West;
To the Glitter and Shimmer of Cosmic Light;
To the Luminous Blaze of Resplendent Stars;
To the Splendour of Cosmos and Human Beauty;
To the Luminosity of Divine Revelation;
To Illumination and our Cosmic Wisdom;
To Sunlight, Moonlight, Starlight and Twilight;
To Firelight, Candlelight, lamplight and torchlight.

I dedicate myself and all these wonders.
I will share myself, I will share all things.
I am one with Cosmic People and their Will.
I live to attain my real essence of Divinity.
Is not my Will the true Law of Substance?
Is not its Power to Create, a Miracle?
For the Will of the Cosmic Absolute Deity,
Is identical to the Will of all Mankind.

I will not explode this Wisdom in the face of fools.
I know this path may not be for everyone.
I will remember the Gods the world has forgotten;
I will remember Goddesses though others may forget.

I will sacrifice, worship, pray and sing,
With ablations, offerings and humble service.
I will elevate the Wisdom of Divine Status
And teach Mankind of its real Potential,
That they may, once again, live as the Gods.
I will regenerate the Miracle of Cosmic Wonder;
I will contemplate on Far Out thoughts and things;
To dwell again in stupendous imagination,
And bathe myself in Cosmic Light and marvels.

I will not cease from amazement and wonder
To absorb the world of Cosmic Rhythm and Joy.
I will never cease to cast spells and charm;
I will live the path of Magick and liberation.

I will respect the Primordial Rite and Ritual
To practice Divination and Incantations.
Sacred the science of bell, book and candle,
Sacred all talismans, amulets and charms,
Sacred the Initiation Rite of Fire and Water
Consecrated by perfume, smoke and ashes.

Is not my Will the substance of the Law?
Is this not the Power to create all Miracles?
For the Will of the Supreme Lord of the Cosmos
Is identical to the Will of all Mankind.

Sacred be the Sphinx, Pyramid and Obelisks;
Sacred the Lingam and its Creative Power,
Sacred the Yoni and its Yielding Deliciousness;
Sacred the Cosmic Oracle of Eight Trigrams,
Sacred be the Tors, Temples and Tribes,
Sacred be the Magick Circles of our Art,
Sacred be the Science of Occult Numbers,
The Stars, Planets, and all Occult Patterns.

I will project my Will into the dark places
And illuminate them with the Fire of the Cosmos.
I will send my Will among the ignorant
And make them hungry for true Wisdom.
I will direct my Will among the Evil
That they may seek the Way of Enjoyment.
I will generate the Will for Harmony
And solidify the foundations of Unity.
My Will will explode to Annihilation
All flagrantly irrelevant projections.
I will that the Watcher of the Cosmos
Worship the Great Goddess of Celestial Fire.

Our path of life is in sixty four Hexagrams
So I make sacrifice to the Vast Cosmos.
It is not the Gift but the Sentiment that counts
From the depth of our Love and Devotion.
The social structure may often be obscure
But the natural Law of the Cosmos remains,
Imagination is the Key to unlock the Door.
Romance is the delightful Nectar of living.
Build Palaces in Cloudland and Dreamland,
Roam in freedom through our Wonderland,
Enjoy the extravaganza of myth and legend,
Indulge in the vision of fantastic illumination
For in this Magick Art – nothing is impossible.

I will develop the faculty of insight
And this will free me from artificial living
And on to the Ecstasy of Divine Union.
I accept the science of Alchemy Transmutations,
Even the Gold, born in the crucibles of others,
For the Ancient Wisdom of a Perfect Cosmos
Is the real Treasure of Human Happiness.

I see a world of changing form and patterns
And human life as lead-encrusted gold;
Not material gold but immaterial ecstasy
Is the true Goal of the Wisest Alchemist.

In a Magick Spiral in the Magick Circles,
I will command the Star God of Happiness,
To glisten and glow in the hearts of the people,
And Magicians in Concord for a New Aeon.
In the Fifth Dimension of Cosmic Twilight
I will float in the plethora of the Plenum.
In the mirror of the Moon and reflected Wisdom
I will Vitalize the Gods of Galactic Glow.
I dedicate my Being to this Way of Life;
Sacred be our Magick Law of Thelema!

~Shri Dadaji Mahendranath

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