Alpha Ovule

Alpha Ovule

There is no definition of the exact appearance of Alpha Ovule. It can and does in fact appear differently to different people. This is the reason no visualization or overt description exists. It is and remains a point in the mind.

When you Attain to full understanding of Alpha Ovule you become the Dragon. This remains a pearl of great price. It is a sacred quest of only the few. It is not a venture to take lightly. If you must succeed, you must be transmuted.

When the Yogi is able to penetrate this point, gradually all is revealed. We must create and focus on paranormal levels for some period in order to do this. It cannot be accomplished in any other way. One can only wish and dream that the situation is Other. One can learn and experience so many things in so many different ways. Alpha Ovule is only revealed as a result of concentrated exertion in Zonule Work of some duration. It is a phenomena devoid of religious fantasy. It is revealed as a result of the correct alignment of Intention, Focus and Practice. It is the fulfillment of Yoga Siddhi and the door to Attainment.

It is a worthy goal. Mantras can create the environment in which Alpha Ovule can be invoked and in good time penetrated. The intention and sincerity of an individual, reflected by their actions is the best indicator of the possibility of progress and success.

The Alpha Ovule in Twilight Yoga

The primary source for Shri Gurudev Mahendranath’s writings on the Alpha Ovule is the Twilight Yoga Trilogy. The following excerpts can help our Insight, Intuition, and Imagination to focus on the Alpha Ovule:

In the gyral whirlpool whish of human fatality,
The Alpha Ovule transmutes you to Immortality.

There is only one Alpha Ovule, yet everybody has one,
It is suspended in the mind, mathematics prove it,

But a delightful insanity when it is filled with Light.
The Alpha Ovule has its own brilliant illumination,
And though you listen carefully, you may hear nothing;

The Alpha Ovule is the Supreme Miracle of the Cosmos,
Neither Conscious, Subconscious, or Supraconscious.

No longer the thinking impatient and eager
To trans-span the point from Alpha to Omega,
The vision so tiny which fills all and after,

Tranquility comes to those who have attained Alpha Ovule;
Charm comes from the Equipoise of knowing Self-Realization;–

From Alpha to Omega is a great but perilous journey,
For few are born with the capacity for Samadhi.–

The realization of Thee and Me is called Alpha Omega
When we know that there is only one Supreme Substance

For the way of Nature and the Cosmos cannot be denied,
And the ecstasy of orgasm illuminates Alpha Ovule.

But do not confuse Spiritual Life with religions.
The awakening of the mind to reality and Alpha Ovule
Can be triggered by orgasm or suitable Magick Ritual,

Alpha Ovule is the power which gives existential status
To all vital concepts and creations of the imagination.

The Alpha Ovule appears as a minimal point of self-luminosity.
It burns with life and flames with cosmic energy everlasting.

And when you command them, they vanish with your exorcism.
Thus we can live and work, happy and content with Alpha Ovule.

The Ovule of Alpha is the link between all the Universes;
The smallest of the small, yet infinite in its expansions.

Alpha Ovule is called Maha Sukha, the greatest of all delights.
We call it Purusha or Prakriti, Nature, Primal Nature Naturans.

The sphere of the Waken and realm of New Thought;
When the Alpha Ovule is seen, known, and absorbed,
You will never again be content with the sordid rat-race,

What is safe for mankind to know, and what is safely hid;
For the real prerogative of exploding the Alpha Ovule
Is not decided by the confusion of votes or elections.

But in the Meditation Zonule, I will come and whisper,
And only then will you hear the hum of Alpha Ovule.
Life is hard for the toilers, idiots, and ignorant;

Thus Magicians create Heavens, even as churls create a Hell;
And from Alpha to Omega is a great attainment in the Cosmos,
As the Spirit and Ovule molecules become one with Eternity.

And when immersed in it, personal gain and ambition vanish.
This is the real Magick Power latent in the Alpha Ovule;
To make our Supraconscious tangible, felt, and constructive.

Adapted from a post by Sri Kapilnath to the INO mailing list.

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