Sri Vijayanath

Sri Vijayanath

Sri Vijayanath sitting on ground with bird wing feathers in hand, flowers on the ground, dhuni

Aeternus Verum Zonule = Zone of Eternal Truth

An avid student of Taoism, Tantra and Animism, Vijayanath was initiated in 2004 by Sri Dhruvanath.  

Progressing adroitly along the path, he received his Charter to Initiate in 2008.  

After Dhruvnath’s passing in 2015, Sri Vijayanath began to take a more active leadership role within the Kula to assist others in their connection with the International Nath Order and its aims.  

He is currently the primary Guide and initiator for the INO, designing curriculum, organizing retreats and passing on key paradigms, processes and shakti from his years of experience to newcomers and initiates alike, in and around the order.  

Vijayanath draws continual inspiration from his cosmic connection and channels that energy into his worldly work:

He is the founder of an online art merchandise company, creates custom crafted tantric tools – especially trishuls and has developed an in-depth and transformative approach to tattooing.

Vijayanath is also a sought-after mentor outside of the INO; combining many tested techniques and addressing all areas of life in order to support his client’s personal transformation through self-enquiry processes, internal and external martial training, and radical self-acceptance. 

Writings by Sri Vijayanath

Of Rites and Rituals: The Crafting of a Nath’s Trishula
Umbra Caelestis Dhuni Rite and Final Interment of Sri Dhruvanath’s Earthly Remains

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