The Yoga of Unity

The Yoga of Unity

Mahendranath at dhuni near Vatrak river. He is naked, wearing rudrakshas around neck, smiling
Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

I teach one God, one world, and one people!
Could anything be more vital than this?
My world is one, but yours is in fragments,
Where even God has been subdivided
And you cannot even count the pieces.
Yours is a world of particles and dreams,
A multiplicity that never was.
You live in a house of many windows
And from each window see a different view.
The ego yields as if a separate thing,
The rule of pride which brings it untold pain.
Can you wonder why man is so lonely,
A drop of water separate from the rain?

I teach one God, one world, and one people!
One God, the Absolute, is all there is
And all mankind live in a single world.
Of other worlds we ne’er need to know,
But first establish better order here,
Where every man and woman that there is,
Is only of one single cosmic soul.
All races, colors, creeds are only shell,
Which hide the vital substance underneath.

~Sri Dadaji Mahendranath

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