Magick for Mini-Folk

Magick for Mini-Folk

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

A Magick Life for Children

Don’t ever grow up
But stay as you are;
Forever be young
And happy by far.

The world of adults
Means conformity;
Toil, trouble, tears,
Mind deformity.

Stay as you are,
Leave not your play;
The day you grow up
Is your saddest day.

The joy of a child
Is too good to lose;
If to be happy,
Now you must choose.

Real natural freedom
Will happiness bring;
Success as a child
Is do your own thing.

Play through your life
Flowers in your hair;
Have nothing to hide,
Be one of the rare.

Nor be ashamed
Of how you were made;
Dance naked and sing
And sorrows will fade.

God’s older children
Lived just like this;
They stayed as a child
And kept happiness.

~Shri Dadaji Mahendranath

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