INO Mela 2022

INO Mela 2022

Dissolving the Kleshas: INO Mela / Retreat May 12-15, 2022

What obstacles are afflicting you in life?   Often there is a deeper corollary and it can be addressed on deeper levels.

We invite you to explore this depth with us near the Suwanee River this May, 12-15th and attend the 2022 Nath Kula Kaula Mela in Live Oak, Florida!

This is a gathering of the tantrik initiates of the International Nath Order, petitioners, and friends who come together to engage in the cultivation of higher faculties toward the Values of True Peace, Freedom and Happiness.  

The Kleshas are the 5 obstructions of Ego, Ignorance, Repulsion, Attachment and Clinging to Life.  These will be discussed in theory and then approached practically from several angles in order to gain moksha (liberation) from the constant grip that the kleshas exert upon our daily consciousness.