Vaknath received initiation into the International Nath Order in 2018 from Sri Kapilnath in Costa Rica. The Sanskrit name Vaknath translates as “Lord of Speech” and represents four divisions of communication. These levels and associated virtues are vaikhari (level of ordinary verbal speech associated with Action), madhyama (level of internal or mental discourse associated with Knowledge), pasyanti (level of visionary or symbolic speech associated with Will), and para (the source from which intention and wordless vibration arises associated with Freedom).

Vaknath performs sadhana in Jyotir Bhava Zonule (zone of the original light).

In daily life, Vaknath works as an acupuncture physician, ayurvedist, and educator of various healing arts. He supplements his clinical practice with a deep fascination for jyotish (vedic astrology) and herbalism which he utilizes as tools for beneficial change. His efforts are spent integrating classical healing methods with modern practicality for individual health concerns. As a student of nature, Vaknath views that the sciences of self-healing and self-discovery are of deep importance for cultivating optimal wellbeing.

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