Within the International Nath Order, the keyword Think refers to an approach of Working with the People, Things and Ideas which comprise the substance of our lives.

The primary condition to successfully realize this approach is a calm, clear mind which allows to us to perceive People, Things and Ideas as they really are. From this vantage point we may then probe deeply into all facets of an object, idea or situation. Once we understand a situation and our relative position in accurate relation to it, much is revealed. This is the starting place to accurately determine the best course of present and future action.

The practice and understanding of Meditation and Yoga can be a great help in the Think process. We are required to see all aspects of a situation clearly if we endeavor to successfully conjure up brilliant alternatives for the future.

The Think concept has an extended application which is only available to Adepts of the International Nath Order. This application is the function of Thinking into higher mind dimensions and activating the triad of Iccha, Jnana and Kriya Shakti.

This activation causes Change and Transformation in line with our intended outcome. This is the highest order of magical thinking, based on an accurate recognition of the present and our successful manipulation leading to the desired outcome.

One basic triad of the Think process is reflected by the words, Think-Decide-Act.

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