The Organum of the Magnum Opus

The Organum of the Magnum Opus

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

The Magick Way of Life of the Cosmic People

1. To see the delusions of the material world, its involvements, and its bondage, but also to understand its relative reality as a matrix for development. The Cosmic People have only one precept: not to cause harm, loss or suffering to any other living creature beyond that of dire necessity.

2. To develop the powers and wisdom of the supraconscious mind; to become awake and aware, to attain freedom on all levels. We come from God, and to Divinity, we must return.

3. To establish contact with our Guardian Spirit, and to live in harmony with It. Thus, we attain divine grace and guidance.

4. To live in accord with the natural law of Earth and Cosmos. This is the “Way of Life of the Cosmic People” and is without frustrations and oppression. Let us never forget that in our true nature we are Divine and Immortal.

5. To study the Secret Sciences, to gain esoteric knowledge and guidance. To do the experimental work to confirm our beliefs and make all this possible.

6. To be free, to live free, and maintain our freedom; to live by our own will and enjoy real happiness on all levels.

7. To spread our Wisdom and Work so that all worthy people may be enlightened by it and live in harmony and enjoy peace, freedom, and happiness.

8. This is the Magnum Opus of all Magick and Esoteric Sciences. It should become our objective, aim, and way of life.

9. Thus, we should live by this Magick, and when we are ready to leave this earthly life, we can truly say, all my Life, Love, and Learning has been dedicated to the most noble cause in the world, Real Peace, Real Freedom, and Real Happiness for all Mankind.

The Charter of the Cosmic People is complete.

~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

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