Master Pattern of Nath Order

Master Pattern of Nath Order

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

We cannot cure the violence in the world in which we live or filter away the pollution which we have to breathe. We cannot cure the system which keeps us poor and the mind in chains or cure the social structure, customs and traditions which make for unhappiness and which become so unbearable to sane people.

The Nath Order is not a complete or final system. It can never be so because it is based on the growth, progress and development of the initiated members. You are given a few notes and guidelines by the Guru and on these you have to build, experiment and attain. You must put aside the conditioning and brainwashing of the past which now determines your attitudes, actions and thought patterns and begin to think for yourself on the basis of fact, reason and common sense. Being a Nath means this transformation into an intelligent way of life and lifestyle created by yourself.

We must not only have a valid reason for being alive, but the Nath way of life should insulate us from the evil situations with which humans have polluted the world. An individual cannot easily get away from the crazy society and environment which surrounds us, so we not only have to create an invisible screen, but also retrain our minds so that we are not disturbed by the garbage world and polluted thinking of mankind. By practicing Nath meditation, rhythmic breathing and tranquility we are relaxed while the rest of the world goes by.

Five Kleshas Yantra

First, the Nathas take note of the five Kleshas or avoidance’s. These five (Ob-block) obstructions block the way to all human spiritual advance and attainment. They must be mastered before meditation can begin. The five Kleshas are the cause of all suffering and pain.

The Five Kleshas

The five pain-bearing obstructions,
The root cause of trouble and strife.
Ignorance, Ego, Repulsion,
Attachment & Clinging to life.

The degree to which these are overcome is the degree of success in meditation and the attainment of enlightenment. If we watch our actions and thinking today, we can create something stable, real and worthwhile for tomorrow. The past is not important, but some of it may be valid if it can be taken as a guide; experience warns us not to repeat the same mistakes. This is not for everybody. You cannot save the world. Most will want to cling to the rat-race, establishments and superstitions, and even live and die to preserve them.

Our responsibility is only practical if it is related to ourselves. We must develop a way of life which renders us immune to the madness of the modern world. Thus, in chaos, we preserve our cosmos and tranquility. We must ever remain conscious that we are immortal spirits and particles of the Cosmic Spirit, eternal and indestructible. Receive the spiritual accolade of the divine, and Peace, Freedom, and Happiness can be yours.

The International Nath Order welcomes you.