An Initiator in the International Nath Order is a Nath or Devi who has been issued a Charter to Initiate by MAGIKOS. Only Naths and Devis possessing such a charter are able to initiate a new candidate into the INO.

If you do wish to communicate, we would encourage you to provide us with as much background material on yourself as you care to give, especially regarding spiritual practices or affiliations, but also personal information (lifestyle, job, interests, etc.). Please attach a photograph of yourself, and please let us know where you currently live. We also request your time, date, and place of birth. This information is optional, but would help us to know you more quickly, and make it easier for us to respond to your specific situation. In email format, we can address whatever items you care to bring up, and hopefully help bring a level of clarity and progress into your participation in the International Nath Order.

Also, if you use Facebook, it would be a good idea to first join the International Nath Order Facebook Group, at and ask whatever questions you may have about the INO before contacting the initiators list. That is the best place to get information and pose questions so that you can determine for yourself whether initiation into the INO is right for you before formally requesting it.

See also: Initiation, Charter to Initiate

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