It is usual in the International Nath Order to give a new name or cryptonym at initiation. This is useful in many ways and can be used to identify one with essays and articles when it is undesirable to make one’s ordinary name public. Whenever possible, the cryptonym should relate to the neophyte. Names of gods in living religions should be avoided. Thus, the thoughtless gift of a cryptonym of “Shivanath” or “Ramanath” would offend not only all Indians, but all devotees of Shiva and Rama. In translation, Shivanath can only mean Lord of Shiva or Shiva’s lord, and that might not only offend but be thought to be tops in ego.

Women in India frequently have goddess names, but that is because all women are, in theory, personifications of the goddess. Thus, in the International Nath Order, women are usually called Devi and rarely a Nathess. Padma Devi, Kali Devi, Snug Devi sound so nice. Please use your Insight, Intuition, and most of all, your Imagination. We are dealing with infinity and eternal values of our Cosmos.

~Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

Mahendranath, Shri Gurudev. The Phantastikos

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